Please help "To Coach or To Dooney That is the ?"

  1. OKAY guys. i have a huge dilemna. I have a couple of options for Christmas. I can either get this cute, cute, completely practical dooney (in green, my fav, of course). I could also fork over a little bit of my own money and get this way classy coach bag. They are both practical in a sense because i could use them both for notebooks and smaller school books. I am having trouble deciding though. I dont have many coachs, so i could go for that. But dooneys are my favorite. I just think they are so fresh looking. Even this style is very unique yet classy. decisions decisions. Help needed!!!!!!!!:confused1:

    P.S.- i would totally get the coach one in black and monogrammed

  2. I like the structured style of the Coach better, IMO...
  3. Coach!! Especially the one that you picked as your choice.
  4. I like the coach better
  5. I like the Coach bag better, but if Dooney is your favourite, then you should go with that. No matter what other people think, you will be the one carrying it, and if you are comfortable and happy with the bag you will love it. If you buy one because everyone else thinks it is better, you won't. Good luck with your decision!
  6. I'd say the Coach 1st but the Dooney is nice too to be honest :biggrin:

    As HauteMama said. if Dooney is your fave then get it :smile:!
    You can get a Coach later on ^^ get the one you love the most :smile:
  7. Coach
  8. Neither one is my style, and a canvas tote is just not on my list. Sorry I can't be much help!
  9. I like both, but since Dooney is your favorite--go with the one that makes you happiest. And you save a little money, too.
  10. wow, it's rare i see a dooney that fits my taste, but that one is quite cute :smile:

    i'd decide based on size - the dooney is MUCH larger than the coach. also, looks like the doone would have to be hand-carried b/c of the short strap drop, whereas the coach could easily go over your shoulder.

    if it were for travel, i'd say the dooney. for everyday school use, i'd go with the coach, since i would doubt you need a bag as big as the dooney, plus the over-the-shoulder factor.

    just my 2 cents :smile:
  11. I like the coach better than the dooney...Just my opinion.
  12. I like the style of the coach. BUT the dooney is cheaper and it's your fave style. As mentioned previously the dooney is quite big, so may not be as practical for everyday as compared to the coach.
  13. Coach! If you chose Coach would you get the signature stripe tote?
  14. I think Coach is more timeless and although more money will stand the test of time.
  15. I think the Coach looks nicer.