Please help to choose my first Gauffre!!

  1. Hi all, I'm quite new and I apologise for repeating my requet for help in a new thread as I need some urgent attention before the bags disappear from the cart!:sweatdrop:

    I can't choose between the 2 gauffres :cursing: , I would like to use the bag for work as well so any suggestion will be greatly appreciated!! Any idea the bag is strong enough to hold a laptop as well? Thanks heaps!! :yes:
  2. I've seen both bags in person, and the tote is a better work bag. The hobo is more of a large purse. I would say that the tote is better for work purposes. It would be hard to have files in the hobo without them bending.
  3. I concur -- love the hobo but for a work bag nothing beats the tote!
  4. Thanks so much for your help!:p Do you know whether both bags are current models and the tote is big enough for A4 size file? Is there any other gauffre model that you would recommend? thanks!!
  5. I think the tote is perfect! Based on the size, it should fit the A4s, right??
  6. Just checked with tape measure, size is perfect, what do you think of the color? and other gauffre style you would recommend? thanks!!:yes:
  7. Yes, the tote should fit 8 x 11 folders, and other work items. It's the perfect size for work.

    The color looks like a nice neutral - good for all seasons.
  8. The tote is sold out now, so I guess go for the shoulder bag?
  9. I would wait for the tote -- it is really ideal for work. Just check back every morning.
  10. Yes you've right - it was too late when I click the confirm order butoon and the bag is gone!! :yucky: :crybaby: No choice but to wait then!! :shrugs: Any suggestion for any other style gauffre??
  11. I have one that I use for work that I really like -- I have no idea what it is called but I posted it before. Let me see if I can find it. I can fit folders but they do hang out the top.
  12. Yeah...try and hold off...I checked all the websites everyday, Bluefly 2-3 times a day...Finally the bag that I had in mind was up for sale..Sometimes it takes a while and I know it's hard to be patient when we're trying to find specific bags for specific needs...It's real easy to get sucked in and purchase the 'not quite it' bag...I LOVE the second one-the hobo..I like the color/style of the leather better..I think if you keep checking you'll find EXACTLY what you want..there are just too many d*mn bags out there that are desirable!! Good luck!..Keep us posted!
  13. I think youd be better off with the nylon gauffre tote.I have it..the leather one will be way too heavy if u put a laptop in it.I use my nylon one for my Dell Laptop
  14. Thank you so much for all your help and support!! The torte is now back on the site but not the hobo, should I get it? Am confused and a bit nervous as it is my first gauffre and quite a lot of money!!:sweatdrop:

    I do like the lsoft lambskin so if I get it sounds like I shouldn't use it for my laptop.. anyone seem this color IRL? As it'slast season is it likely to look odd in a few months? And does the messenger strip work ok wearing the bag across the body?:confused1:

    Thank you so much for all you help..s till got 40 mins or so before I loose it from my shopping cart again!:push: :yes:
  15. both the torte and the hobo are now available!?!? don't know what to do at all!! any help is greatly appreciated!!:shrugs: :cursing: :p