Please help to choose birthday bag

  1. Dear ladies,
    Please help me to decide what should I choose for my wife's birthday? That will be her first designer bag, should be black epi, for everyday use. It has to be elagant, not to fancy and big enough to hold cell phone, PocketPC, letter size folder about 1/2" thick, 3 4x6 small reference books in soft cover, keys, wallet. Thanks for everybody's help and best regards - Walter
  2. My first thought was the Segur MM. I think that's quite practical, but it may be too big for your wife? I don't know how big a Pocket PC is.
  3. Passy PM!
  4. How about the new Madeleine GM?
  5. Thank you for your help. pocketPC is about the same size as calculator.
    As far as Passy PM is it the same as Passy at
    What is the abbreviation PM and GM standing for?

  6. PM = small
    GM = large

    yes Passy PM is Passy on

    HTH. :tup:
  7. Epi alma or Epi speedy 25!
  8. speedy!
  9. Passy PM or Speedy
  10. I LOvE Passy!!
  11. The mandara is great. I have it in black epi in the PM size but it comes in other sizes as well. IT just fits the body perfectly. I get tons of complements about this bag.
  12. probably may want to take a look at the black Epi Alma. It is so classic and elegant. Your wife will love it!
  13. Get a red PASSY (any size)!
  14. Either Passy or Alma would be a great choice. Good Luck and I'm sure your wife will appreciate and love whatever one you decide on!