Please help to chk wallet is fake or not??

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  1. 1.The Brown EPI wallet i bought from eBay.
    The datecode with it is A20944
    But it showed made in Spain
    So i am questions its true or not after i read the datecode rules.
    A2 should be absolutely made in France no exception????
    I have attached file,need ur all to help me to chk its fake or not. thanx a lot

    2.Recently i also have a chance to buy a Damier Koala wallet from my friend(Model No N60005 ) but it comes with datecode M58013. I als attached pic let u all to help to chk its authetic or not.

    3.The pink Perfo wallet also bought from eaby. It comes with Eluxury inv. but the datecode of this wallet is M61667. So really make me confusing a lot after read datecode rules
    Also attached pics
    Sorry this is my first time here.
    LVEPI2.jpg LVEPI3.jpg 洞洞紅短夾3.jpg 洞洞紅短夾.jpg CIMG0578.JPG
  2. please post this in the authenticate thread, the experts will have no prob telling you if its real! x
  3. Sorry this is first time here
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.