Please help to authenticate a purse, before purchase :o)

  1. Hello everyone, can you gals tell me where to look for authentication information for isabella fiore purses?
    I am wanting to purchase, but extremely cautious of getting a fake. It's the buried treasure britta, please see my post below
    Thanks so much!
    plum :smile:
  2. Authenticate the buried tresure brita bag by isabella fiore. I am so nervous about purchasing this purse from eBay. Do any of you kmow what to look for?
    Any advice so so appreciated :o)
  3. Anyone?? Please helppppp:smile:
  4. Do you have any pictures, or a link?
  5. Hi everyone
    I wish i knew how to post a pic or link...sorry!
    But i emailed the auction to IF today, and was told that indeed the bag and wallet that was up on auction was authentic. It was just such a good deal :o)I was very hesitant to purchase. The one that had all the bids allover has said to be fake.I also sent them the link to those austions. I find this all so confusing. But i just love my Betsey and If bags.
    I had to wait a little while fora reply, but the at least the outcome was good:smile: