Please help! Times Clutch in Patent or Cavier?

  1. Ok, I can't decide, so I purchased both! But I can only keep one.

    Which bag will stand the hands of times longer?

    Patent or cavier?

    Price is not an issue, but I just can't decide between the two.

    Please help....

  2. keep the patent :smile:
  3. Patent !!!
  4. Patent is beautiful!
  5. but i'd stick with the classic and go for the caviar! :supacool:
  6. I would stay with caviar clutch because it is more classic and practical. Classic is always in style especially Chanel.
  7. I LOVE patent but am a little OCD about fingerprints or smudges. Since it's a hand carried exclusively bag, I'd have to choose caviar. or python! LOL!
  8. I'd pick caviar too. As far as the "test of time" I don't think anything stands up as well as caviar leather (I've had problems with patent in the past- scratches, smudges, etc.) and it's always fashionable and classic never trendy.
  9. Keep the caviar for sure....:smile:
  10. I usually don't like patent but think it looks fine for a smaller item. My opinion however is that caviar will stand time longer. Go with your guts :smile:
  11. Can it only be one? My vote is to keep both. But if only one, then go for the classic caviar
  12. Patent!! It's gorgeous!
  13. this is tough decision b/c they are both so gorgeous. if you must pick one, then go with patent.
  14. i have patent , so i am biased. both beautiful though...
  15. I would go with the Cavierrrrr too:tup: