Please help - Timeless WOC - Leather ripped? =/

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  1. Dear all,

    Hoping you'll be able to advise about the rip on my timeless WOC that I only got in November.

    I'm not sure if the pics are clear enough (extremely hard to take close up on a S4!), but the leather on one side that keeps the chain in place has ripped. I've used it less than 10 times? But didn't expect it to be that "delicate". I have been using it whereby I tie a knot with the chain so my wrist can fit inside the loop and then I tuck the rest of chain inside the WOC. Similar to a clutch but with like a wrist/hand bit. I know I am to blame for using it like this but it's not even that the thread has come undone but the leather has ripped :crybaby:

    I will visit a Chanel boutique for them to check it out but wanted to hear your opinion and if able to answer a few questions.

    Has this happened to your WOC/bag?

    What is the procedure? Like do I need to bring the receipt and the authenticity card?

    Do you think my baby no.2 can be saved?! =(

    Many thanks.


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  2. It sounds like the way you were using the wallet with the chain in a knot and carried on your wrist might have put too much tension on the leather and caused it to rip. I would think it could be repaired by Chanel but since it is a rip in the leather who knows what their opinion will be. to me it looks like you can get the top leather piece replaced where the chain sits under or perhaps they can sew the leather part where the rip is but to me this would make that leather piece smaller and I am not sure if the chain will fit under it there. Maybe once it it repaired carry it the normal way with the chain hanging so it does not happen again. Good luck. I would stop using it until it gets repairs so the rip is not made longer.
  3. if u have the receipt you should be fine , they will fix it for you im sure. The WoC is supposed to be a muti purpose use handbag and u shouldnt feel bad about the way you used it. THey will help you out, stay positive
  4. It should be fixable by Chanel, if not you can take it to a repair shop and they can fix it right up.
  5. You don't need a receipt or authenticity card. Just take your Chanel into the store. It looks like an easy fix. It takes weeks though - so if you don't want to wait, you might want to consider taking it to a leather repair shop that specializes in deisgner.
  6. Take it to any chanel boutique. They may be able to fix onsite or ship it off to be repaired. Shouldn't be a problem.
  7. If you have your receipt bring it into chanel they will fix it for you without a problem :smile:
  8. @gillianna
    I hope they repair it by replacing the leather piece because I don't think they can sew onto the leather part that's ripped =/. I really wanted to use the WOC for this Saturday but I better let it "rest" before the rip gets worst. Thank you for your comments and the good luck =).

    TBH I bought the WOC because I know how multi functional it is! Even the SA was showing me how to use it and that's why I was so sold on it! I do want to stay positive but then I just think back about Gucci and LV and I remember their after care was quite rubbish. They just want to charge extortionate prices for the repair and the few times I've been or my friend has been they actually recommend to buy a new bag than to get it repaired?! But yes...I must stay positive =) thank you.

    @jashie @airiu @peach_pie @MyLuxuryDiary
    I shall listen and bring the authenticity card and receipt to the Chanel store. I don't feel comfortable taking it to a repair shop, I feel more comfortable knowing it's in the hands of Chanel and I'm assuming Chanel doesn't charge? Or do they for repairing? :wondering

    There's a girl I follow on Instagram and her GST had like a weird spot/mark and Chanel sent her a replacement. Brand new! And her GST wasn't even a recent purchase! Then again mine's wear & tear....

    We shall see! Fingers and toes crossed. Many thanks for your comments and I will update you with good news (hopefully)! xxx
  9. If you only bought it in Nov, it should be more of a manufacturing defect or quality issue rather than wear and tear...

    LV has a 1 year warranty. There was peeling on my neverfull's strap and LV repaired it for free because I only had it for about 5 months. I'm not sure if Chanel has the same 1 year warranty or not though... anyone here knows if Chanel has a warranty period?
  10. Reading your post has made it more promising for me! I didn't think that they have warranty in general TBH! x
  11. Hi dear,

    My WOC has also ripped like yours and I could tell you also crisscross the chains like I do, which provides the perfect length for me. Unfortunately, I think the way we do this inevitably will put stress on that part. I accept it as my own fault and accept the consequences as is. Crisscrossing inside the flap was not one of the proper ways of shortening. I'm certain you can get this fixed, but I'm pretty certain this will happen again in the future. If you look carefully, you're pulling the chains against this part. I suggest using the other advised methods to shorten the chains if you want to avoid this from happening again. Hope this helps!
  12. I was told that if there was anything wrong with the bag within a year of purchase, Chanel will fix it without charge....not sure if you have to go back to the same boutique though....
    Look on the thread for chanel repairs - other tpfers have experienced free service within 1 st year of purchase.
  13. @MissSusan

    Thank you for your comment. After experiencing this, I want to avoid using it the way I used it before poor bag!


    I wasn't told this but then sometimes I think SA just do/say their own things...well some of them....and depending on how "nice" and helpful they want to be. Thanks and I did check out some other threads :biggrin:
  14. It's been a month; have you taken this in to Chanel yet? What did they say?

    chasing my Rainbow
  15. I went to London Bond Street boutique and although I didn't purchase the bag from this store, they checked my receipt and the authentication card. The SA (or possibly supervisor level) called Theresa was really nice, looked at my bag and then told me it's the way I've been wearing it (which I obviously knew and no denying there). She apologised that their maintenance/repairs person wasn't in store as it was near closing time but told me it should be fixable. She explained that they have a repairs department/office somewhere (forgot where exactly) in the UK so it could take a few weeks but if it can't be repaired there then it will be sent to France, which can take up to 6 weeks or more. She told another SA to take down my details and I filled out a form. I asked Theresa if there was any cost for the repair and she told the other SA to not charge me. In my head I was like :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: but my face was like :cool: trying to keep my cool (obviously :P). Then I was told I should expect a call from their maintenance/repairs person to explain what will happen to the bag. I didn't hear from them for about a week and I missed their phone calls. So they emailed me telling me my bag was ready to collect! Anyways, I went to collect my bag and it was fixed! From the looks of it, I think they took the old bit off and sewed it back? I have no idea......
    Then the SA even wrapped it nicely for me... :biggrin:

    I've uploaded a few pics.

    Many thanks to those who commented on this thread.

    Much appreciated :smile:

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