Please help this UK Chanel lover buy the right bag by phone!

  1. Hi everyone. I posted a thread about bubble quilts in the US and got very helpful replies meaning I've tracked down the bag I want at NM and it's box fresh! But, before I commit, I have to make sure it's the one I think it is (having not seem it IRL) so can someone please, please, please confirm the code for me for the bag below in chocolate brown (not the dark beige shown).

    Thanks so much from almost very excited me!

  2. I think that the last two digits of the first bit of the code denote the colour and the one I think I want (!) has 12 at the end...hope that helps!

    nearly :yahoo:
  3. oh...I can't help you here as I don't have the info...but please remember to post modelling pics as I think I am looking for the Grey Jersey version of this...your bag is to know how big it looks on a person...TIA

    Hope someone could help u...
  4. Thanks - they did! I got it today from Saks - see my "thank you" post. It is lovely, isn't it? I went for the same colour as in the picture in the end as I already have a chocolate brown bag (and it's a Birkin so enough!).
  5. Congrats! You are gonna love this color. It goes with everything easily.