Please help this poor LV ignorant!


Sofa King Broke
Aug 29, 2006
Sunshine State of Mind
I'm not really into LV, I would say I only like a few pieces. One of them is the LV graffiti speedy 30 in khaki. I have been looking for this bag for about six months already. I'm very picky when it comes to used handbags but I guess I have no choice since this bag belongs to an old collection. Is it from 2000 of 2001? well, here is the thing, I found one on ebay, serial date code TH0051, the leather on handles has not turned dark yet, Is this normal for an old LV bag? When is this supposed to happen? I don't want to buy a fake! :crybaby:
Aug 4, 2006
i think even if someone keeps their bag in a closet for a while, the handles tan.... but im not sure..

i kept my mini hl in a closet for a while, but whenever i took it out, i took it out at night.....and it STILL GOT TAN!


Jeans and Heels
Mar 7, 2006
Bay Area California
I bought a brand new Graffiti Speedy from LT earlier this year and the handles were still very light, the plastic was still on. It is possible. It won't be as light as if you just bought it from the store though.


Sep 15, 2006
Wow Michelle1025, your Speedy positively looks new, but for the seller to go to the trouble and expense of replacing the handles and piping, not to mention it takes months for them to do that, that bag must have been used a the inside pristine? Congrats BTW it looks gorgeously super!

I have a near new Khaki one I'm thinking of selling...thank God I don't have to replace the handles and the piping hehehe