Please help this newbs out!

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  1. Hello Ladies,
    I'm a total and complete newbie to Balenciaga, I've always been Bottega intrecciato gal, but somehow I fell in love with Bal look.
    So I got my first Bal bag - rust/marron First in pony hair in like new condition. I've read that it is not the wisest choice, as it'll go bold eventually, and does not hold its value at all, but I LOVED the colors, got it for a song, will use only here and there around fall and winter holidays, and I'm very very gentle with my bags.
    But now I need a real bag:biggrin:. City sounds like a great choice, as I do not carry much in my bags - wallet, phone and keys are pretty much it. It has to be my everyday bag, definitely not black though. Anything from a blue family. Lagon? Blau cobalt?
    So here goes my question. Or two. Or more than two.
    1. What does12 and 21 mean? :confused1:
    2. How do you store your precious bags, when not in use? I usually fill mine with crashed tissue, to preserve the form. I should probably do it with my pony hair First, right?
    3. How do you protect handles from grease, sweat and general beating? They age first, right? Do you cover them with scarves, like gals do it with their Hermes bags? Or is it a total faux pas with a Bal bag?
    Please help a confused newb here :biggrin:
    Thank you in advance!
  2. Hi welcome to bal!

    1. G12 is the new smaller hardware that was introduced in 2012. 2011 was the last year G21 the giant hardware was produced. Here is a thread on G21:

    2. I stuff mine with tissue paper and then store it in it's dustbag. Other people store it flat. Here is another thread:

    3. Many ppl use lovinmybags for handles only, you can purchase it from

    Hope that helped.
  3. For Handles Only is a cream/gel product that you apply on the handles. :yes:

    BTW, Lagon is more green than blue, in my opinion. Try to get a look at it in person if you are considering this colour.
  4. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for taking your time and explaining it!
  5. Thank you! I googled it, and am going to order!
    Yes, I saw Lagon yesterday, and you are right, it has a lot more green in it than I care for. After all, I've decided to look at previous years' blues. :biggrin: