Please help this newbie with her choices

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  1. Hello to everyone in H forum! This is my very first thread in this sub forum.:biggrin:

    After getting some SLGs last week, I feel like I'm already addicted to H! I'm currently looking forward to getting my first bag and decided a Garden Party would be a nice choice for a starter. And seeing one in PINK in this forum made me want it even more as I'm quite a pinkholic.

    So my question is, how do I get this bag? I assume this is a seasonal color? Is it something I can buy from any Hermes or do I have to "order" it somehow? I must sound so silly to you guys here but as mentioned in the title, I'm so new to world of H.:P

    I also have some questions regarding silks as well.

    I really like the fairly tale themed pocket squares but they had none when I asked about them in NY Hermes. Are they supposedly sold out? Or since they are part of s/s, are there hopes for me to find them later?

    Lastly, I'm thinking of getting Grand Apparat print carre and can't seem to make up my mind which color. Here are two colors I keep going back and forth.



    I like both colors equally and would love to hear your opinions.:yes:

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    I love purple, so my vote goes to that.
  3. Hi J!!! So good to see you on the H forum :smile:!! Ok, for the pink garden party, I saw one in the Vienna store almost 3 weeks ago, have you tried calling the madison store? If you are interested and they don't have one they can do a search for you and have it transferred for you (so you avoid shipping charges). For the fairy tales scarves I think they have popped up in a few stores, again you can ask your SA to find it. I am not too much help for the grand them both!
  4. Thank you for your input, Lyanna!

    Hi, P! Feels like ages the last time we spoke!:nuts: How have you been? (besides obvious trip to Austria :graucho:)

    I visited two Hermes boutiques recently, including one on Madison and I don't think I saw pink GP at either. Well, I didn't actually look for one as I found out the pink couple days ago from this forum, hehe. But I think if either places had it on display, I wouldn't miss it because oh, you know, I'm crazy about all things pink!:P

    I could've sworn I saw Princess and the Pea pocket square on Hermes site not too long ago. I so wish I knew things get sold out of that site fast.:crybaby:
  5. Guys, can you please tell me what other colors I can consider if I fail to get the pink GP? The website only shows black and orange. Are there more colors to choose other than the ones found in the reference thread for GP? I'm definitely not the black/white/beige/brown color girl btw.
  6. The top scarf would go very nicely with the pink Garden Party. There was a pink canvas Garden Party at the Virginia H. You could call them & I'm sure they'd help you.

    [And, you're right---the Princess & the Pea pochette was just on the H website, I'm surprised it's gone!]

    ETA: Don't give up on the pink----it's out there, you just need to find it!
  7. J I just pmed you!
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    welcome to the orange side :dothewave:
    garden party is quite easy to find if you are not too picky about color or material. the pink canvas one have been popping up in quite a few shops.

    if you go to the inventory thread, you can find out where one might locate the pink canvas GP.
    all leather garden party usually comes in basic color, ie: etoupe, gold, black, blue and occasionally in bright colors (yellow, orange, red, green and etc). if a SA is willing to do a search, be specific with material and color that you want.

    Canvas or Toile ones, you have more options, it is available in solid color, bi-color or even with pattern.

    Grand Apparat silk, i saw quite a few different cws for this design and they are all beautiful. it is better to try both in store to see which one you like better on you. both are beautiful colors and you can't go wrong with either one (not much help here :biggrin:)
    good luck with the GP and look forward to your reveal :smile:
  9. Hi J, happy to see your here, get the PINK garden party, shopgirl bb just bought one in canvas/leather and it's beautiful! Hope to see your reveal soon :smile:
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