Please help the new girl.

  1. In the market for a new bag. I was just about to
    call and order the Marc Jacobs stam Hobo.

    I started to Look around the forum and I can get
    the chanel I have always wanted.
    I am posting a photo of the bag below.
    Not clear on the style or the size of the bag
    Give me pointers!!!

    Not sure what color my first bag should be
    Black? Red? Gold? Silver?

    The problem is I have always looked at Chanel as a bag
    to carry when I am dressed not just in my jeans.
    But I looked around at the photos here and I think
    I can carry the bag with jeans.

    What color, Size, Hardware ??? Should I get first.
    Note: I want many more.
  2. Get it in red! That would be stunning, with or without jeans. I love the look of beautiful bags carried with (tidy) jeans, it's unexpected and can look fabulous.

    My favourite part of your post? This bit:

    Note: I want many more.
  3. [​IMG]
    ^For reference, this is the size 227 reissue, so you can see how big a 227 is in relation to the body.

    The Classic Flap Bag comes in three sizes:

    Small (225)- 9" W x 5.5" H x 2" D

    Medium (226)- 10" x 6" x 2.5"

    Jumbo (227)- 12" x 8" x 3"

    ^also taken from the reference library
  4. what a great choice and you will be very happy after the fact that you chose the flap over a MJ bag...Chanel is so timeless. You should def go to a boutique and see the different colors and everything for yourself. It is so fun to go look at all the beautiful bahgs!! especially when you have the $$ to get one!
  5. ^ITA. I loved the MJ Stam when I first saw it, until I found out it was widely faked. Chanel flaps seem to be not often replicated (I'm sure there are fake Chanel flaps, but they're not common). Also, Chanel is much more timeless than the MJ Stam.
  6. Welcome to Chanel, so I heard you want MANY!!:idea:
    If you are a flap person, you need to have definately the reissue and the timeless flap.

    Reissues come in size 224/225/226/227/228, most people would get 226 or 227 as an everyday bag, 225 is good for evening; and some find that the 226 can go from day to night. I am 5'55, I prefer the size 227 as I tend to carry a bit more junk in my bag...hehee... there are a lot of metallic colors this check them out at the reference library...

    For timeless classic flap, it comes in mini, E/W, medium/large and Jumbo, personally I love the Jumbo (roomy and trendy), and I think the E/W is gorgeous too.... they come it lambskin and caviar, lambskin a more delicate and caviar is more durable, both are beautiful leather... color wise, black and white are timeless, red is hard to get...

    Just my humble opinion...hope I didn't confuse you... good luck!!

    ps. I have the black stam bag, my only MJ, one of my fav. too:p

  7. Thanks can someone tell me what E/W stands for??

    I am having a hard time telling the classic flap from the reissue can anyone help?

  8. Any photos of the different sizes?
  9. Don't be too alarmed though about a white bag. I own a white caviar jumbo classic and have not experienced color transfer

    There are many other ladies who own the same bag and have not had problems
  10. The Classic Flap has the CC closure and the Reissues have the madamoiselle closure. Of the colors you listed, I'd go for a large Jumbo in Caviar in black. The red is all sold out.
  11. My first flap was a jumbo caviar flap in black. This bag get's used all the time. Even though it's called jumbo, it's not super huge. But it is large enough to hold my stuff.

    The black will go with anything and everything, and the caviar leather makes it very durable, I don't have to baby this bag. I'm tall, about 5' 9" and the Jumbo works great for me. I've seen it on smaller girls and it looks great on them too. You do need to go to the store and try it on in different sizes. Also choose the leather that will work best for you. Lambskin is more delicate than caviar leather. But it all depends on how you use your bag. Have fun choosing, you can never go wrong with a flap bag!
  12. classic black is nice. Good luck with your decision!
  13. I'm a big fan of black chanel. I think black or red flap as a first chanel would be great.
  14. Thanks I call Bloomindales and shipment should be in in a few days.
    I have requested a black --not sure of chain color-- I wear a lot of white metals-- in the medium size .

    So excited :yahoo:

    Ok now I want sunglasses, a nice classic pear to start.
    I have been looking around the web at the pair with
    the mother of pearl CC in black.

    Give me some input, I saw a documentary on tv
    about fashion and all of these Europen Women
    had on Chanel Sunglasses they look to classic I loved it.