Please help the new chanel lover

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  1. Hey Ladies, I am going to get my 1st Chanel bag, and I decide to get the classic flap Cavier black jumbo. But it seems sold out all over the world:shucks:. when chanel sold out the collection, will they bring more stock in? or this is it? If this is the case, I have to get it from Ebay. Really want get my 1st chanel bag from the Chanel store, not on the Ebay
    Help me out with this please, thanks heaps
  2. The black jumbo caviar is part of the permanent Chanel collection, so you should see new stock in the Spring or Fall. Unless you need the bag urgently, you can always wait for new stock to come in. You can put your name down on the waitlist in stores.
  3. thanks heaps, I think I will wait until they have the new stock.
  4. you should go into the store and talk to an SA though so they can call you when they get them in