Please help! The Montorgueil...

  1. Should I sell my Mono Speedy and get a Montorgueil? I just discovered this bag on the LV website. Or should I sell it and get something in Damier (which is what I originally wanted until I saw the Montorgueil)?! Quite clueless...:confused1:
  2. If you like a shoulder bag, Montorgueil is a good choice and the price is affordable too!
  3. do you know if it has any inner pockets? I wish it would come in Damier too...
  4. Suppose to hav patch pocket and also pocket for your cell phone
  5. is it brandnew? I've never heard of it before. I guess no one here has one yet?
  6. I think some PFers already have one. There were a couple of threads about it.
    I say if you really want something in Damier then get something in DAmier.
  7. I don't care for the Montorgueil personally, because I think it's kind of boring and I don't like the thin straps, but I love the Mono Speedy. However, if you love Damier, I would go that route. I am starting to really love the Damier bags - I just ordered the Damier Speedy 30 and just got a Damier alma. If your heart is saying Damier, follow it. They are just beautiful.
  8. is it out in the USA already?
  9. thanks all, you may be right about the damier. I think it's just a pity that there aren't many shoulder bags in that line! And I can't seem to wait for the it's a shame they discontinued the Illovo MM. :sad:
  10. Jill, I think it'll be out in the USA/Canada next month in March.

    Some countries like Singapore and Philippines (I believe) have recieved theirs early.

    Angelblake; The Damier Speedy and Monogram Montroguiel are two distinct bags. You should go with what you like the most. =)
  11. sounds like you need a trip to LV to try on and see what you like :smile: Good luck :smile:
  12. I'm selling my speedy to get the montorgueil.. I think its soooo great :smile:
  13. Nooo...don't sell the speedy to get the Monty! JK LOL...I personally wouldn't because I'm so in love with my speedy. IDK, saw it IRL, its a bit bla IMO...But if you like it, save up and get it. But don't sell your speedy!