Please Help The Dolphins That Are Being Massacred

  1. i am so sick right now by what is going on in japan...i ask all of you to PLEASE sign the online petition
    Click the first link to sign the online petition, its only a signature but it can make all the difference.
    The second link is the clip that shows the horrific way they kill the dolphins in Japan, so if you are an animal lover or/and have sensitive stomach, please don't view the clip. I am very touched and HORRIFIED!! :sad:
    Please help.
    <a href=" <A href="">Sign">">Sign Online Petition<a/>
    <a href="<A href="">CLICK">">CLICK HERE TO VIEW CLIP<a/>


  2. I hate what they do to the dolphins, makes me sick, they're so beautiful:heart: And the whale catching in Norway:cursing: (here's a Norwegian girl who's totally against it!)
  3. OMG that's awful!!
  4. I signed.
  5. I could not watch that, I have been swimming with dolphins, they are the most beautiful creatures in the world this makes me so sick! I signed the petition & will get my kids to do so also, they feel strongly about this too. We saw this on TV recently made me ill! Thanks for helping to get more signatures, I so hope they listen!
  6. I can't watch the video, but I have read about what happens and it makes my skin crawl. I think I may have signed this, but I shall check...
  7. I signed but cannot bear to watch the video. I have read about it (HORRIFIC & INHUMANE) and have signed other petitions as well. I cannot for the life of me see how ANYONE could do anything so horrrible to such a beautiful intelligent creature (or any craeture for that matter)! It really does make me sick and unbelievably sad! :sad: God bless those poor innocent creatures.
  8. Thank you for bringing this to everyone's attention. This is the most horrible and heartbreaking thing I have ever seen. I am going to send the petition to all my friends. I wish I could afford to take an ad in the NY Times. Can't PETA do something? Dolphins are beautiful peaceful creatures. These Japanese are inhumane barbarians.

  9. The video is hard to watch. But I did not hesitate to sign.

    Thanks for posting.
  10. I don't need to watch the video. I remember seeing a feature in National Geographic and being horrified. The ocean was red with blood. So many carcases of whales and dolphins it was horrible.
  11. thank you all for signing...and for also spreading the word...please have your family and friends sign too:heart:
  12. I didn't watch the video but I signed.
  13. ^same here!

    Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention, OP!
  14. I can't watch that video, but I did sign. Thanks for posting this, solidgold2. :smile:
  15. I didn't watch the video, but I did sign the petition.