Please Help!! Tell me what you like better?!?

  1. Okay, as most of you know I got the ali in natural, the ali in khaki/ebony and the medium carly in khaki/saddle. I was deciding which ONE (I know, only one! :crybaby:) to keep. I have decided it is between the ali sig and the carly.. 1 min I am convinced to keep ali, the next min it's carly!!! Anyway, I have to decide by tomorrow so I desperately need your help!! Trying to put aside cost, which one will be around longer, the fact that the ali is almost gone, etc... please just tell me which you think looks better on me as an all around, everyday bag. I am not going to be getting a lot more expensive bags so I really want this one to be my main bag. I have 3 kids, no babies, and either works great. I kind of like the carly because it can be dressed up but is maybe more casual, like me.. you can reach right in.. but I know the ali looks a little more sophisticated and also is not too fancy, love the colors and of course the lining.. .. anyway, please check out the terrible pics I tried to take of myself and let me know what you think, honestly!! Thanks sooooo much!!! It means the world to me right now!! :yahoo:

  2. I'm really sorry for the huge pics, I have no idea how to do this!!!
  3. personally i love the carly :tup:
  4. Signature Ali!!!!!
  5. I normally am not a huge fan of the carly, but that just seems more practical for being a mom. Like you said, you can dress it up or dress it down.

    While the ali has fewer left, don't keep it just for that reason. I really prefer the carly on you....;)
  6. Geez.. I went in for the carly after reading so many great reviews.. but I was stunned by the size differences.. loved the ali, but I just love the versatility of the carly.. and the huge c's just get me!! I do think for everyday use the carly is better suited.. but the ali is such a beautiful bag as well!!
  7. Another Carly vote - but I may be biased because I have 2 and I love them!
  8. I'm not an Ali fan for myself, but it really looks great on you!
  9. I really think they both look great on you but I would go for the Ali just because it would look nice with either black or brown. I'm the type of person that can't wear an all brown purse with black.

    good luck deciding which one to choose!
  10. yeah, that is one thing I love about the ali.. but I wear brown 99.99% of the time, so either would probably work great. I tend to wear my brown bag with anything, and my black bag... never!!! lol I am a dork...
  11. I vote for Carly...she looks great on you! I don't care for the flap on the Ali.
  12. :wacko: I don't know!! I own 2 Ali's and 2 Carly's so you know I love them both. OK, I am going to say pic an Ali (sorry Carly). You have to decide which Ali you like more. I lean toward the all leather.
  13. Ali!
  14. I just think for day to day use the carly wins out to me, while I love the look of the ali the carly just seems easier to get in and out of. And I think the carly looks like a great fit on you in the photos!:okay:
  15. I think that is my one big drawback with the ali.. the darn flap!! It is soo cute and the turnlock makes it better.. but for accessibility it sucks!! :tdown: