Please help! Take out the new LV with the inlaws or not???


Take out the Coach bag or the LV with the inlaws?

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  1. Hi all,

    I just bought a White MC Petit Noe which I ADORE and am agonizing about whether I should take it out when we go out with my inlaws...
    Here's some background: I bought this bag because I have wanted it for a long time and was planning on using it when I go out alone, with my husband and kids, or with my friends. I haven't decided whether I should take it out with my inlaws because they are all very conservative and frugal. One of my sisters in law has said "I don't understand why people pay $100 for a pair of designer jeans--do they make you look any better???" Obviously, she said this to someone else, because I am one of those designer jeans-wearers! This bag would totally shock them! Also, though my parents-in-law wouldn't necessarily know what it is or how much it cost, their daughters would tell them and then I'd have to deal with being perceived as a wasteful, superficial person by them. I am not a stay at home mom and do earn a very good living even on my own so it's not like I'm just wasting away their son's money...What do you think--should I be modest and take out the Coach bag or be more daring take out the LV?
  2. I also have frugal in-laws. But, they are frugal with certain things but they will go to the casino in the blink of an eye. So, I don't live by others standards. I also work hard and pay for my own bags. So, when we go out with them, I carry my LV. They probably think its a waste but I don't care. Enjoy your bags.
  3. Take it out if you want to, you are a grown adult who does not have to justify what you spend your cash on.
  4. Hmm this is a toughie... I know its easy to say "just take the LV" but when you might have to 'explain' your purchase you may just find it easier to leave it home and keep your mind at ease otherwise you'll be there trying to hide your bag and that wouldn't be good... OR you could face up to them and disregard their opinions. It really depends whether you want the battle or not I suppose. I'm sorry you're inlaws are like that... there's nothing more annoying than trying to hide what you're passionate about. :/

    EDIT: If it was up to me.. I'd be tempted to leave it at home but I would regret it once I was there!
  5. That's such a hard decision!
    I think if they're already shocked by a $100 pair of jeans they will freak out if they heard the price of your gorgeous LV.
    But, you worked for it! You earned it and you love it, it's not their money. So just take your Noe out and enjoy her!
  6. I would go with coach. I would not want to start something up about your spending if they are conservative and frugal.
  7. As much as I want to say who cares what they think. It is sometimes just easier to not deal with it and wear the Coach. I am sure they think that Coach is too expensive and a waste also.
  8. I think it'd be best to take another non high-end designer handbag this time, but next at the next visit, you should carry your LV's... you gotta carry it around them sometime...
  9. ^^I agree. And the fact that you had to ask us means you're not 100% comfortable with the LV in front of them yet.
  10. Know what you mean....I get "looks" from my in-laws. I think you should go with your gut, if you have doubts or if carrying the LV would make you uncomfortable, take the Coach. My attitude was they have to know the "real" me at some!
  11. I would take something that does not speak of the brand out loud. Those monogram bags, either LV or Coach, tend to do so. They might think that you are materialistic, or question whether you will save some money for their grandkids. For LV, Epi would be the No 1 choice.
  12. Take a GAP bag.
  13. I have been married 17 years and hubbys side is into Walmart...I would never take out a LV bag in front of them because they love to judge, and then gossip about everyone in their family. So if your inlaws are like mine then I wouldnt give them any ammunition. Save the LV bag for when your out with hubby.
  14. One the one hand, I say forget what they think and carry the LV. On the other hand, if you will be uncomfortable and self concious about it, then there's no point in it, really. There are tons of other times you can carry the LV and not be uncomfortable about it, yk?

    So my final answer what will make you the most comfortable!
  15. Also... if you feel like you've missed out on taking it just go shopping at some point then take her? :graucho: