Please help: Suhali lockit PM vs. Mahina XL

  1. Hi everyone,

    There is this yearly holiday party, where everyone always dresses to show off. All year I dreamed about taking the Suhali Lockit PM in Verone. Then the Mahina came out and I was unable to purchase it due to the price. In the meanwhile I purchased the Mono Griet (which I love) but don't know if it will be a show stopper.

    Now I know that there is no way I will be able to purchase the Mahina before the holiday party since it has not been available. What to do?

    1). Purchase the Suhali-and take this to the party
    2). Wait until the Mahina XL/Noir becomes available, even though it will be after the party and carry the Griet

    Thanx for all your help. :hysteric:
  2. Well, if you really like the Suhali, I would try to get that...I think the Mahina would be way too big for a party!
  3. I think the suhali would be so wonderful!
  4. I think the suhali would be a great party bag. I adore my Mahina, but I don't think it's a party bag - I agree that it's just TOO big for that.
  5. Thanx ladies. I am so happy to be able to get your opinions. It really helps.

    P.S. I think I may even purchase a Damier in 2008..................Hmmmmmmmm. They never appealed to me, but are starting to take on a whole new look for me ("Class")

  6. I agree - I think the Mahina is too large for a party - the lockit PM could work double duty - great for the party and then later on it would work for many occasions. The griet i think would be OK for the party - but sort of tailored - really any everyday look. I would choose the lockit PM if it was me.
  7. If you really like the Mahina then wait for this and get it AFTER the LV party. I really don't think that taking a bag to a party is for the purpose of "showing off" the most expensive bag, but rather finding and using a suitable clutch-like purse. Eg. A person with a Embosse Stephen looks silly and out of place compared to another person with a Sunset Boul *imo*.
  8. You can use the suhali lockit from day-to-night. Both the griet and the mahina XL would be too big for your night out. The suhali lockit or a clutch would be better for night. If you really like the mahina, you can always get it later =)

  9. Thanx, by the way, do you own a Suhali, where you can show pics? I would love to see.... please share if so.:wlae:

  10. Bagaddict - you are absolutely correct. I will keep you posted. :okay:
  11. Check out the clubhouse for the suhali line. lots of pics =)
  12. ITA with Cecilia. Carrying a bag that's more suitable to the event makes more sense. A small purse or clutch perhaps.
  13. Agreed!
  14. I would avoid buying a bag just for the event. Rather I would get something that you truly love.
  15. mahina