Please help...suggestion for a tote?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    Could you give me some suggestions for a big shoulder bag similar size to the Mulberry Bayswater (14"x12"x7")and LV Lockit Horizontal (17"x12"x5") and that is sturdy enough to carry a laptop, long enough to fit letter size as well as legal size documents?

    The Black Kenya Baywater is a runnerup now. But would like to consider other options too, so would be grateful for some more suggestions.


  2. Gucci
    Princy large tote $870.00 - 17.7" L x 4.3" W x 11" H

    Positano $1835.00 15.6"L x 5.1 W x 12.2 H
  3. How about the new Mulberry Babington ? i think it's similar in size to the bayswater.
  4. I can't vouch for whether they would hold a laptop or not but:

    Botkier - Sasha Duffle, Pudding - jcMadison
    The Sasha Duffle by Botkier? (I'm lusting after this and would love to hear from those who have it.)

    The large Ani bags--Cameron, Logan, Nadia--at FengJunk, JCMadison, LunaBoston? (Logan is on sale now at JCMadison: Designs by Gustto, Isabella Fiore, Kooba, Adina Reyter, Hayden-Harnett and More!) The large Cameron and Nadias would definitely hold a laptop, though these are probably not the style you seek: Luna Boston | Browse for ANI

    New totes at Coach? Coach - Women's Totes at Coach or Large Handbags

    This Theory tote from Bloomingdales? Theory Leather Convertible Tote - Totes -

    Some of these were made for laptops--not sure if they would live up to Mulberry and LV tastes:Moonsus | Marsus - Designer Briefcases, laptop backpack, business case, and Handbags for working professionals / Wholesales and Online Shopping
  5. Thank you, ladies. I like all the suggestions, please keep them coming.

    I have a few Gucci already and currently using 2 of them frequently to work, so kind of want to stir away from Gucci.

    The white Coach big totes is not a bad idea for the summer.

    Again love the ideas, more are welcome :yes:.

  6. I have the Coach business tote that I lug my laptop and other stuff around in every day. It's holding up very nicely.
  7. I like this one

    Or how about the LV BH?