Please HELP! Stud has fallen off my Roxanne bag

Apr 8, 2011
Yorkshire, UK
I'm so disappointed!
I got this bag from the Mulberry outlet in York a few months ago, I've used her a handful of times but in no way has she had any vigorous use.
The quality of the leather is beautiful, extremely thick and strong. I expected the quality of the studs to be the same, however I just picked her up this morning and a stud on the corner of one of the handles just popped right off!

Can i DIY fix this? or would it be best to send it somewhere to be fixed professionally?
has this happened to anyone else?

Here is the link to where there are some pictures! Oh the horror!

Many thanks :smile:
Dec 1, 2009
Farnham, Surrey.
This is unfortunately a very common problem with Roxannes, I think some are more prone as the leather thickness varies from bag to bag.

If you only bought it a few months ago it will be fixed under warranty. If it were me I'd keep the receipt and send a photocopy as I remember someone saying their receipt was lost by Mulberry. Take it to a Mulberry stand alone store or outlet and they will arrange a repair for you. If you can't do that you will have to send it to them, address details on their website.


Dec 17, 2009
Just to say that Earlgreytea's advice is great, but a note of caution re Shepton Mallet Repairs....they have had a Bayswater of mine since 4th October and apparently are so far behind with repairs that I won't be getting it back until January!!!! I would make sure you query the time line for your Roxy stud repair; it will be very straightforward so they really should not have to take months over it....hopefully :-s
Apr 20, 2011
I also have a Roxy question, I have an oak one which seems rather old. The flaps have gotten no structure anymore I also have a brown one which is my baby and use her more this still has structure of the flaps.

Is it normal to lose the structure?