Please help!!!! Steamer or Polly?

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  1. I just got a call from my LV bot. They have the extremely limited Leopard pleated steamer availble to me. I was going to buy the Leopard Polly. The Steamer is very rare only supposed to be two. in North America but the cost is $7200. I can buy the Polly still rare for $3700. I love both bags and would love to have the Steamer but not sure if the price is worth it. Please help me I only have till in the morning to decide.
  2. I thought steamer was US$13500.00? Do you have a pic of the one they are holding for you? I think if you can get your hands on a steamer and it's really rare and limited, get the steamer!!! It will make a great addition to you fab collection!!!:yes:
  3. ^ITA! If given the money and chance for the steamer, I'd say go for it! She's really gorgeous! And yeah, I too thought it was $10000+ though for the embossed steamer...
  4. I love Polly better..I think steamer is so huge..Adele is the biggest I can handle.
  5. Which has more leopard print--the polly or steamer?

    I had a leopard polly and returned it and another PF'er had one and returned it too. Apparently the hair rubs and comes off over time. I think she told me that she actually exchanged her polly for another and the second one did the same thing.

    Hope that helps

    I guess after all that I'd say go wiht the steamer.
  6. I also thought the price was more. I tried to call the store to get more info but my sa was already gone. I can't get anymore info til the morning. Sorry I don't have any pics.
  7. I like the Polly more than the Steamer...but if you have sufficient money to buy either, plus you love either, go for the Steamer since it's more limited!
  8. My SA said that only 50 leopard steamers were made. I saw one on ebay a while back for $14,000. Let us know all the details.................
  9. Buy the steamer and post pics!
  10. I talked to another sa in the store. She said it is the Leopard pleated steamer and the price is $7200. I know on ebay the sellers will double the price on really exclusive bags. I guess I just have to decide which one. I have to let them know sometime tom. Unless my husband denies
  11. If you have the money, go for the steamer! It's fab!!!
  12. i vote for Polly.....u'll get much more use of it and it's TDF :smile:
  13. I just wanted to thanks all of you for your feedback. I have decided to buy the Polly. I would love to have the steamer but to spend that much on myself this close to Christmas just wouldn't be right. I will post pics as soon as I get it. thanks again everyone