Please help! Stain on Bal leather!

  1. :crybaby:

    I put my greige city in a dustbag and had it hanging outside the closet. Then my bf decided to put it in the closet and apparently must have put it on top of a pen. And of course a leaking one. It leaked through the dustbag and caused a purple stain, size of a penny, on the greige leather on the outside of the bag! I want to cry! Please help with any tips on how to deal with this!! :cry:
  2. Oh No!!!!!!! OMG Therese, I'm so sorry this happened. Take it to a Leather specialist IMMEDIATELY. Do NOT try to remove the stain yourself. Goat leather is very pourous so ink might be very difficult or impossible to remove. Good luck Therese, I hope your bag can be fixed.
  3. Ohhh!:s ...sweetie, I'm soo sorry to hear this. I agree with Cal, maybe a leather cobbler can help. Goodluck.:sad:
  4. I agree. Good luck :sad: :heart:
  5. oh noooooooooooooo therese, i'm so sorry this happened to you :crybaby:...i hope you're able to find a way to fix it <<<hugs>>> :flowers:
  6. therese, that's awful!! I would send it somewhere like Art Bag, I wouldn't trust it to just the local cobbler.
  7. Thanks for all the support and nice words! Made me feel a bit better. I already took my bag to three leather cobblers to ask what to do, and they took a look at it and then said that there's nothing to do about it. I was like "NOTHING??" And they all said 'yeah, nothing at all'. I'm soo sad :cry:

    Louisey: I've read about ArtBag in here but I'm not quite sure what they do.. Do they have a website? They might be the solution.. They're located in the US, right? I hope they will take an international order as I'm in Europe. Omg, I hope this can be solved! :crybaby:
  8. ^^ if anyone can do it, "artbag" can :wlae:

  9. thank you so much for the link aaallabama! Now, will I dare to send my baby all the way across the Atlantic?
  10. welp, i've give them a call 1st & see what they say :yes: ...but they're the only people i'd trust with my bag...if they think there's a chance they can get the stain out, it would definitely be worth the shipping cost :girlsigh:
  11. and if not, looks like BF is gonna be buying you a new bag real soon!
  12. :crybaby: Maybe artbag can remove it. Ink is tough and greige is so beautiful. If they can't remove it, give your bf phone number for Balenciaga and tell him the style and color. :P
  13. Thanks for the great tip!! I will see what they say! I hope one of these places may resolve it.

    Getting a new one will be such a hassle as in my entire country there's only one small boutique that carries Balenciaga, and they only got in 2 greige bags, mine + another and they all sold immediatly. So that'll will be one (even more..) expencieve bag. Getting a new one like from bal nyc or paris will cost extra international shipping plus add my country's 25 % tax of purchase value (crazy, huh?) in customs. That's an extra few hundred dollars for ya:Push:

    Thanks for all the support girls, I'm amazed of the supportiveness in here!:flowers: