Please help - should the stitching look like this?

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  1. I made my very first LV purchase last week on the online store and it arrived yesterday. I've been thinking about purchasing something for a while and decided to start with a Mini Pochette to go inside my Chanel mini.

    But I'm shocked at the stitching on the non stamped side of the tag at the end of the zip - it's not like this doesn't show when using it either as if you hold it by the chain this is the side on display.
    Not only is the stitching crooked and uneven the leather looks almost torn under the stitches.

    Is this just how they are or is this faulty? I've tried to look up some pictures online but haven't been able to find any that show this bit clearly and have no other LV to compare it to. I have to say I'm truly shocked at the quality for such an expensive item :sad:

    I also wasn't impressed at how it was packaged - it had no padding and was rattling around in the box - the canvas is all uneven and not shaped properly. Please tell me this is a bad one? I've been looking to start building my collection but I'm now not sure.

    Any help would be really appreciated. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462379307.255340.jpg
  2. This looks pretty bad, imo... I would return or exchange it if I were you.
  3. Looks horrendous- return asap
  4. I would exchange, that does look really bad and messy...
  5. That stitching is a joke- I would return that asap.
  6. My mono looked like this, too and had a hole where stitching was missing!! I returned it!!! If I was you I would definitely exchange this!!!
  7. It looks sloppy. I would return it.
  8. Thank you all so much! I was sure it shouldn't be like that but as I'm not as familiar with LV as I am with some other brands I wanted to get some expert opinions before I contacted them.
  9. :amazed: That looks ghastly! I'd exchange asap!
  10. Awful! Return.
  11. Return. That is beyond horrible and you have to wonder how these make it through quality control.
  12. Exchange for the new one :smile: This one certainly looks sloppy

  13. I did think the same!! Which is what made me question whether they were perhaps all like that otherwise how would it have got through! (I'm very glad to hear that they're not all like this!)

    Thank you again.
  14. I think I'm the only odd ball here. I'm saying this with caution and please to not bash me for this :Push:

    For myself, I find that stitching normal. Never have I looked at stitching or where a bag was "made" until I came across tpf. I looked once for both but never again will I do it. From memory all my pochette's stitching look exactly, possibly worse, than that but it doesn't bother me at all.

    However, you have mentioned a couple other things you are not happy about. You should exchange it for one that you will be satisfied with :smile:

  15. Haha of course I'm not going to bash you for it. It's interesting to hear people's opinions.

    I definitely wasn't inspecting the bag and stitching when I saw this - it stood out immediately when I first looked at it which is why I was so shocked. It's not a hidden piece of stitching.

    My perspective on it is I don't buy bags purely for their name - if I'm spending £100s or £1000s the quality has to be there. A bag I could buy from a local high street accessory store for £20 would be far better stitched than this and this costs closer to £200. If all items were this quality I definitely wouldn't spend my money on them - I would find it insulting that they felt that was acceptable. I don't hunt down every seam but I expect when looking at the bag or purse for horrible stitching not to stand out. This is uneven, wonky, missing stitches and tearing at the leather and I saw it when I first took it out the box. Like I said that's my perspective on it :smile: