Please help, should I keep these??

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  1. Hi,

    As you can see, I got the new beautiful suede Melides espadirlles from CL. But I have a problem with them regarding size.
    My CL size is usually 42, but since these are espedrilles and suede (which is soft and will stretch), they are a bit too big for me.

    I uploaded two photos to show you the problem. The width of the shoe is perfect, I even take them on a bit hard, but when they are on, me feet slips on the end of the shoe when I walk. And they are bigger for about half to one size I reckon. (Just the half of my finger can fit on the end)

    Should I return them? I can't get the half size smaller since they are sold out and I really like these!! But if I don't do something I can't walk in them!

    Please help and thanks in advance!!

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461014003.058456.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461014012.826521.jpg
  2. I really like those too! I frequently buy sizes that aren't my size (so dumb I know) but the best thing to do is to just put an insole in the shoe and some moleskin in the back and it should be good!

    Btw not sure if you're in the US or if you bought them at a store you can return them (I know boutiques only do store credit) but the size 41 is available online!
  3. Return! You won't be able to wear and enjoy them anyway. Just because they don't' have your size is not a strong enough reason to keep something you won't use.
  4. My SA at my local boutique has told me all about men buying shoes to big (due to limited availability) and using inserts in the shoes. A good cobbler can even insert a permanent one for you. You might try a temporary inset to see if that helps, and if it does, look into a permanent one. Then you could keep! ️

  5. Thanks, I'll look into permanent inserts if my current ones don't work. But I think they will (then again, it's raining like hell here so I haven't had a chance to wear them). :smile: