Please help, should I keep these Jimmy Choos?

  1. So I got these at Nordstrom Fashion Falley and they were a steal ($199), but I'm second guessing them since they are one size smaller than I usually get. They feel comfy, but not sure if they look too small, like do my feet look like they are squished in? I'm posting pics from different angles so you can see what I mean.

    jimmy0.jpg jimmy1.jpg jimmy2.jpg jimmy3.jpg
  2. They look just a tiny teeny little bit small - but nothing major!

    I like the shoe..not too fond of the heel but for $199 I would keep them LOL!
  3. If I didn't know that they are a size smaller than you normally wear I would NOT be able to tell that they are smal for you. And they are very classy, so i would def. keep them!
  4. i think they look good--cute shoes!
  5. I wasn't a fan of the half-gold heel either at first, but it's starting to grow on me. Hmmm, I'm still not sure about these. :confused1:
  6. they dont look bad, a slight overhang on the sides but nothing i would have noticed unless i was really looking for it ;)
  7. I like the snakeskin detailing on the front and on the heel. I think they would match with a lot since they are pretty neutral. For that price it's a no brainer, keep them.
  8. I think your feet look ok in those shoes. I would def. keep them if I were you!
  9. They don't look too small. I tend to go down a size with slides and slingbacks b/c your foot gets pushed forward more. These look good on you.
  10. I agree, you can't tell they're small. What a great purchase! Keep them!
  11. Yup...they are keepers!
  12. I think you should go by what you think should be the right thing to do. If you feel that they do not look good, or that their not comfy, is not worth to turture your tootsies .... but again remember BEAUTY COST.....
  13. I agree with some of the others. I would have never thought they were maybe a half size small until you pointed it out. They are a great deal for JC shoes and a great neutral. But, if you don't think you are going to wear them because this is bugging you, then return them and find something else you love! :smile:
  14. I don't think they look too small, but, then again, I prefer that my peeptoes and slingbacks fit snugly with very little space in the front or back of the shoe. I also like the heel that JC used on these shoes and their spring/summer line. It looks great on.

    That said, if you prefer a little more room, I would not hold onto them simply because you got them on sale. If you do love the shoe, see if Nordstrom can locate the next half size up for you. JC boutiques are also in the midst of their 50% off sale right now. You could try calling one of the the boutiques to see if they can locate these shoes for you in your size.
  15. Ahhhh, maybe 1/2 a size bigger would be good!!

    If there aren't any available in the size you need, then...IDK. Return them I guess?! Man,t hat's such a good deal!!!