Please help! Should I get the denim patchwork speedy?? - sorry, long post

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  1. Hi fellow TPFers,

    I need some serious help here. I am having a serious dilemma and I need your advice.

    I went to LV just a while ago. I was planning to pick up something damier and was looking at getting the saleya pm or the alma. I liked the alma more than the saleya and just as I was about to get the alma, my SA said they received 2 brand new denim patchwork speedys.

    I was so so surprised! The paychwork speedy did raise my eyebrows when it first came, but I didn't put my name down for it, so they were all gone and I haven't seen one IRL until today. Now that the chance is coming around the second time, I don't know if I should get it. They had both colours, black and blue, and I like the black one.

    The yay bit - it's LE (obviously) and really funky looking (my style).
    The nay bit - pricey dor a denim bag (I wasn't intending to spend so much money, it's near US$2000!), it's got vachetta and it doesn't scream at me (unlike the miroir lockit, which I didn't manage to get)

    The thing is this - I wasn't planning to spend $2000 on a bag and if I do get it, it means I have to keep myself off LV for the rest of the year, perhaps even till next March. But the bag is looks really special and funky.

    Should I get the bag? My SA has reserved it for me, but I need to call him by tomorrow. Help!

    For those who own the patchwork speedy, how do you like it?

    I already have the following in my collection:
    1. Mini Lin Ebene Speedy
    2. Azure Speedy 30
    3. Cerises Speedy
    4. Blue Denim Baggy PM
    5. Mono Neverfull PM
    6. Red Epi Lockit
    7. Fuschia Denim Mini Pleaty

    My wardrobe mainly consists of smart casuals. The thing that was holding me back is that I tend to wear prints for work and/or bright colours, so I think most of my prints won't go with the speedy. Weekends are a mix of dresses and T-shirts. I do wear alot of denim as well.

    So the question is, do I need to have another denim bag? Should I get it? Or should i wait and get something from the F/W collection? I don't have anything that I MUST get yet from that list. Should this be the "bag of the year"?

    What a decision! :crybaby:Please help!

    (PS: Sorry for the long post)
  2. hmm I don't know..since you already have denim bags & patchwork speedy didn't scream and call out your name, with the same amount of money I'd get damier alma & roxbury(one of your wish items) if I were you
  3. If you think you're going to miss out on it I would try it out.. I've been taken by it aswell! Can you return it if you change your mind?
  4. I say buy it. Try it out around the house and you can always return it if you don't like it. If you don't buy it and they sell out you will always regret it.
  5. It is cool and funky, but since it is not calling you I would pass. As previously noted, for the cost of this bag you could get 2 of those on your wish list. It does scream LV, though I think the denim makes it more subtle in a way. It is very casual where the Alma would be more versatile.
  6. Thanks ladies for the very rational advice. It didn't dawn on me that I could have gotten 2 bags instead of 1.

    Sadly where I live in Singapore, they do not accept returns, only exchanges. :sad:
  7. Yeah, if you're not in love with it, I wouldn't get it. Go for the Saleya! :smile:
  8. I would pass. There are so many gorgeous bags coming out later. If you really want a LE bag, I think you should wait for one that really calls out to you.
  9. I must admit that it is an awesome bag but if you are not in LVoe with it, you should hold off for another one that might come along. Ever see the street PM?
  10. Don't get it just because it's an LE piece. You also have lots of Speedies. Go for something else you really want, like the neo cabby! :graucho:
  11. get a F/W bag! the bags in this line seem like they would match you wardrobe better!
  12. Thanks everyone for the wonderful advice. I guess I'll call my SA up later and say that I will pass.

    There was a Black Neo Cabby GM in the store, but I wasn't sure about the size. I felt that the fit on the shoulders was too tight and the GM is a little big for me. It's fabulous though.
  13. I have the blue and my Mom has the black. I LOVE BOTH OF THEM and would not trade it for anything else! I absolutely love it and I wear it with whatever I want! I have other denim bags too, but that one is special!

    If you don't LOVE it then pass, but you are not allowed to regret it later! :crybaby:
  14. I absolutely adore my patchwork speedy (grey) if your passing have you considered the pouchy then you still get the funky denim patchwork but it's much cheaper
  15. With the LE bags it is hard because you know that they are such finds. But I always have to remind myself that there will be lots of other LE's along the way. Don't buy any bag that doesn't scream to you. For that money you have to love it. I have fallen for that a couple of times and have been really dissappointed. Cute bag though, I saw one yesterday at the LV store in Toronto.