please help!scratch on canvas?

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  1. #1 Apr 5, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2014
  2. Can't see the photo either. says the person removed the image on photobucket :]
  3. Im having a hard time putting up the photos :sad:.... I used photo bucket and its not working.....
  4. I posted a url for the photo. I hope it works.... :sad:
  5. The pictures are working. It looks like a scratch. Is it an actual crack where you can see the lining? Did the listing have any mention of that area?
  6. No she didnt mention anything about the canvas. And i dont see the lining. Its not too deep i think.other then this bag is in excellent condition and I bought it for good price so I dont want to let it go. But im so worried at the same time!
  7. Its not a crack its a scratch. Like something shape scratch ed it. And someone rubbed something on the canvas.....
  8. As long as your happy with the bag and the price that's so that matters. If it was cracked you'd definitely want to return it. If the scratch will bother you than return it, but if your happy with the deal than use it and enjoy it.
  9. Maybe i will try talking with the seller and ask what happened to it.. thank you! I think I will just keep it and hope it wont turn into a crack or a hole in the future