Please help - SA destroyed my Chaîne d'Ancre

  1. I went in today thinking that all items came with after-sales Chaîne d'Ancre is chipped and needs a burnishing.
    It was dark with tarnish, but _shiny_ under the tarnish.
    He offerred to clean it with some dish soap, I accepted, and
    I'm just now closely inspecting it at home and it is all scratched up!
    It looks like he took the green side of a sponge or a brillo
    pad to it. Where it was mirror-finish shiny under the tarnish,
    it is now all dull with scratches.
    Also he told me they can't help with the chips and it 'adds to
    the charm of the piece'. Please help! How can I restore the
    beautiful shine my Chaîne d'Ancre once had??
  2. :wtf:

    Are you meaning the sterling bracelet?
    How awful!

    They do get little dings in them, but your SA should not have made it worse!

    It can be repaired, with a jewelers rouge cloth, but you should see the manager with your concerns.
  3. I am wondering if the chipping you refer to might be the rhodium plating many silver pieces have? And I don't have a suggestion for that. Sorry.

    I do know you can get a silver polishing cloth or a silver pastte, and rub out those fine scratches. I do it all the time with fine results.

    Wait for more people to see your post as I'm sure you're not the first to experience this.

    Good luck!!
  4. Talk to the manager. As soon as possible. Both to recoup the luster of your bracelet, but also to protecy others from this obviously clueless SA. Good luck!
  5. Maybe they could send it to be replated? Yipes. Sorry this has happened to you.
  6. Is the bracelet, solid sterling or plated? If solid, it can be polished but I would take it to a jeweler. If it is plated and the plating has been scratched off, then I would think it would need to be replated and I would take it back to the boutique and tell them what happened, etc.
  7. If sterling it should be hallmarked 925 on or hear the toggle bar

  8. Thank you to everyone who responded! :smile:
    I value all your advice very much, and appreciate it.
    Yesterday I was really heartbroken about this.

    The bracelet has two stamps in the silver toggle ring, to the left of the scripted
    Hermes logo. A diamond shape and within a oval shape?

    I found this website:
    Which has pictures of the silver stamps used in France.
    According to the website, the stamps indicate it is sterling silver.

    The SA is in a position of some power at this boutique, and after searching his name
    in this forum, it seems he is a popular fellow.
    I have learned from reading this forum that SA relationships are of utmost importance
    at Hermes boutiques, therefore I am more than a little intimidated at the thought of
    having to go back and complain.

    Since the SA's original suggestion was to have a jeweler remove the marks which I took
    the bracelet in for, I think I will go that route and have a jeweler also try and polish the
    new scratch marks out.

    Thank you again for all your advice, I really appreciate it.
  9. I have a 2003 Cadena that I never used. It was full of tarnish. I took it in to the store, they said they could fix it, they got rid of the tarnish but it is full of scratches. I don't know why it tarnished when it stayed in the box for 3 years. Looks like it went through a war.
  10. You really should speak to a manager if there is a problem with service in the boutique...Many times I have had silver pieces polished at my boutique and there has never been a problem. I also have polishing clothes at home for minor work, but Hermes should take care of major work for you and if you want an explanation as to why there are the dings or markings on your bracelet, a manager should provide one. That has been my experience always.
  11. Sterling silver WILL tarnish, that's a matter of life. When it does, just get a silver polish cloth or a bottle of silver polish (you can get these in any jeweler's) and gently rub it out. People used to do this daily to their silverwares (when silverwares were really silver :p).

    The one thing you (in this case the SA) should not do, is to use anything sharp and scratch it. It's unnecessary. Although a jeweler should be able to take the scratches out, it will cost you some.
  12. I have found that you have to use a very soft cloth when polishing silverplate. I've seen it get scratches on it just from being wrapped in tissue paper. It seems like if you just look at it, it gets scratches. If it is solid sterling it will get a nice patena and look great, even if slightly scratched and with some tarnish. If it is silverplate it just starts looking bad. Personally, I really hate silverplate but sometimes it is hard to avoid it.
  13. Well, I'm not sure a relationship with that salesperson is worth it if they use a scouring pad on silver jewelry. Its retail. They should serve you, you know? You paid a lot of money for that bracelet. Sliver does scratch btw, and that is part of its lovely patina. But to accelerate the process with a scouring pad isn't good.
  14. oh my! I use a silver polishing cloth when my silver jewellery gets tarnished, very fast and easy, gets job done and no scratches. I hope the jeweller will somehow be able to get the scratch marks out. Let us know how it turns out?
  15. saligator- You are so right, and considering this further I decided they should really
    take care of it. I spoke with the Manager this morning and I will be taking it in on Saturday.
    As I feared, the attitude was right away that there was no way their salesperson
    could have damaged the silver.

    janney- I am so sorry about your scratched Cadena! It seems as if silver care
    is not part of their training.

    I used to buy loads of luxury gear in the eighties, but my last serious Hermes purchase
    was with Didier Ludot.
    I must admit, I don't miss dealing with high-end luxury salespeople.

    I'll post a follow-up, hopefully it won't be too much of a battle.