Please help-Rouge vif first or city????

  1. I cannot decide between a first or city in the BEAUTIFUL rouge vif. I love the first as it is just so classic. The city is also great and will obviously hold more stuff, but I dont like the way it kind of 'droops' when carrying it on the shoulder.

    Which one do I go for? :confused1:

    Any advice or opinions on this would be so much appreciated.
  2. I personally love the droop (dunno why!) so for me it's CITY BABY!!!!!!!!!

    But I guess we should ask.. do you plan to use it as an everyday bag with lots of stuff? Or just mostly wallet and keys type of days? The First is just too small for me but if you like small bags, it sure is cute.
  3. It sounds as though you are rather partial to the first size. I have the rouge vif in the first and it is such a cute bag. I can actually fit a fair amount in (purse, sunglasses, reading glasses, ipod, phone, keys, small make-up bag and a few other odds and ends). But, as Glimmer says, you should consider how much you need to carry. Here is a pic of my lovely little Ruby!
  4. I :heart: Ruby!!!
  5. Thanks Glimmer!
  6. I'm totally torn between the two! I LOVE Ruby Helen,what a beauty. I think I do prefer the shape and styling of the first, but I am used to carrying around bigger style bags such as my spy or paddington which can hold loads of stuff.
    I just wish I could get both........
    I keep swaying towards the first and then wanting the city. It is a horrible dilemma. I will need it to fit my keys, phone, make up bag, purse and other bits of junk such as tissues, perfume etc,
    Which one is most likely to be available after christmas? as I am thinking that if I get one style now, I could maybe get the other after christmas? or is that just wishful thinking?!
  7. Get the PURSE size!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. For everyday use, I would choose City or Twiggy. For special occaisions when you don't need to put a lot in it, the First.
  9. Thanks for all your help ladies. Guess I will have to have a good think about it over the weekend.
    I am also thinking maybe the box would be a good compromise regarding sie issues?
  10. I use to love the First but I think I'm out growing the size. Recently, I notice I'm beginning to carry more junk with me when I'm out. I'm also in the same dilemna as you, wanting the rouge vif First or the City. I think I'm going to go with the City.
  11. I love the city!


    but obviously either would be beautiful!
  12. My first love will always be the twiggy, but if you don't like the strap and space is not an issue, then the first is what you should choose.
  13. I have a First and it holds a decent amount - wallet, keys, ipod, cell phone, notebook, change purse, lip-gloss, perfume, other bits of stuff. But it all depends how much you carry. It wouldn't be great for books for instance. I love my First but one day :girlsigh: (sigh) I am sure I will get a larger style too.
    Gee, did that help?:rolleyes:
  14. I have both City and First size...
    I prefer City for a day/work bag
    and First it's great for night, or even for shopping when you just need essentials !!!
    But both are gorgeous in Rouge Vif :supacool: !!!
    and here is my City:love:
    City Rouge Vif F06.jpg
  15. Thanks again Ladies. I called round a few stores yesterday and it seems that the first is the more popular seller than the city. I truly wish I could buy both as I know I would use them loads but I am restricted by a lack of funds!
    I have just under 2 weeks to decide as that is when I will be getting mine. Oh, decisions decisions! xx