Please help! Rive Gauche ostrich vs goatskin

  1. Dearest all,

    I am brand new here (joined today!) and am so thrilled to be part of this community. I have recently started a new job and would like to buy myself a gift (any excuse for a new bag!). I do not own any YSL bags, I'm more of a Bottega Veneta and Chanel addict. However, the moment I saw the ostrich rive gauche (carried unfortunately by K.Holmes), I fell in love with it.
    I am trying to decide between the black goatskin and the grey/mushroom ostrich one. I wear suits to work and want a chic bag for work and w ork-relatedtraveling. I have never spent £2,800 on a bag before, not sure if the RG is a bag that will be out of fashion in a year or two and whether it's worth investing in the ostrich version. Can you pls help me decide between the goatskin (£1,080) and the ostrich please. Also, if you already own a RG, can you advise me on whether you are happy with the shape/practicality etc please. Thank you VERY MUCH! :jammin:
  2. these are on bluefly today.... I'm trying to figure out which one is the sage - their "olive" or their "nut" Does anyone know?
  3. i would not buy a purse from bluefly. some many people on PF had bad luck.
  4. OH MY GOD! that's what i'm going thro toooo!
  5. :yes: Hello! I perfectly understand your dilemma.I went through the same thing myself.:smile: But i finally decided and ended up with the ostrich.
  6. sage is the greenish colors. if you want it, it's at the YSL outlets.... went on sale last fall. dont buy bluefly

  7. Hi E, so nice to "run" into you, here!

    As you know I have the mustard-colored RG in goatskin and I really like it, especially that it can be worn different ways, on the shoulder, hand-carried and messenger-style. The only thing that I would sometimes criticize is the zipper top which is a little too narrow to get big things comfortably in and out (Oh, and the detachable strap is a tiny tiny bit too long). Otherwise I really love the bag.

    Anyways, since you want to use it as a work bag, I`d recommend the ostrich version. I think more structured bags just look better with suits and the goatskin is really more of a bag that slouches because of the smooshy leather (and to be honest, I`m a little bit afraid to stuff too many files or books in).

    I don`t think it`ll go out of fashion that fast. It has been pretty much under the radar and has never been as "it" as the Muse!

    Hope this helped and have fun deciding! And pls post pics :graucho:
  8. I wouldn't worry about it being out of fashion in a couple of years. It's already been around for a few seasons and there's nothing about it that's overly trendy. The ostrich may be a little more identifiable with a particular season only because of the Katie Holmes pics, but I still don't think there's anything about the bag that would make it look dated. Plus, more importantly, if you love it and feel great carrying it then that's all that really matters.

    I have the goatskin RG in black and I love it. It's roomy and slouchy and can easily dress up or down. The ostrich version is gorgeous and as C-24 mentioned, the stiffer ostrich skin gives that version more structure so that may be an added benefit in using it as a work bag. I think the ostrich may also be less susceptible to stretching if you need to carry anything substantial or oddly-shaped in it. I still wouldn't carry a laptop in it, but files that aren't too heavy would probably be fine. It's definitely a more glamourous version and more eye-catching than the low profile goatskin version if you want a bag that will stand out in work situations.

    For a bag that isn't specifically designed to be a travel bag or a work bag, I think the RG is pretty versatile. Obviously you can purchase bags that are intended for those purposes which may be more optimal, but if you're looking for a handbag that can do light duty in various situations, an RG would be a good fit.
  9. I just realized ebruo posted all this more than a year ago! Duuuuhhhh....
  10. :lol: That's hilarious, me too! There are lots of really old threads getting kicked up in here recently for some reason, and I totally missed the original date on this one. Oh well, maybe our wonderful insights will help someone else before this thread fades away again. :amuse:
  11. That`s what I was thinking, shazam! Hopefully this will help someone else who`s in the same situation!
  12. I've noticed that too; lots of old threads getting called up all over tPF. On the one hand, its good that new members use the "search" function and don't start new threads on often-asked topics. But on the other hand, some of these threads are REALLY old and stale, lol. :rolleyes:
  13. I have the ostrich RG, it's a little heavy for me, so i don't use it a lot, with a bit of use, ostrich gets soft too. but i'll still take it over goatskin.