please help! retainers...

  1. very silly sounding question but i though i would give it a shot and ask you guys anyways....

    im getting my braces off soon and now have the dilema of deciding which type of retainer to get!
    there are three options
    1.hawley retainer.(the old style one with the thing on the roof of your mouth and a bar in front of your teeth
    2.essix retainer.(looks like invisalign-clear plastic that goes all around your teeth
    3.bonded retainer.(it is bonded to the backs of your front and bottom teeth-meaning you cant take it out..its a thin piece of metal)

    all three of these have thier pros and cons...
    right now i am leaning toward the essix or bonded but still cant decide!
    have any of you girls gotten any one of these before?and if so how were they?

    thanks for the help!
  2. I have the hawley for my top teeth and can still fit it in 18 yrs later! :biggrin:
    and the bonded on my bottom.
    I really like the bonded, it's always there keeping things in line and I don't have to remember to put it in and no one can see it.
  3. i had a hawley one b/c that's all my ortho used. i would lose my head if it wasn't attached...i don't know how many times i've replaced it. at least 10. it's also kind of hard to talk with (i never got used to it and i have a lisp anyway). pretty much led to me not using it like i should and my teeth shifting. :yucky:
  4. Yup, same thing here. I had the hawley because nothing else was offered to me and had a REALLY hard time talking with it in, so I stopped wearing it and my lower teeth have shifted a lot.

    My roommate in college had the bonded and she never seemed to have any problems with it and her teeth were perfectly straight.
  5. I would say one can see it, and there's no messing around with putting it in and out! Essix isn't too bad, you can barely see it.
  6. I'd DEFINITELY go for bonded, but that's just me.

    Years ago when I got my braces off, I got the Hawley-type retainer, as that was all my ortho offered me. Long story short, I NEVER wore it, and over 10 years later, here I am using Invisalign because my teeth shifted! I guess I'm just really irresponsible, though... :shocked:

    When I'm done with my Invisalign treatment, I'm going for bonded!
  7. I have the bonded on my lower teeth as I just finished invisalign (whew!) about a year ago and my lower teeth were the ones that had drifted the most in the, er, 20 years since I had had old school braces as a teen. This was highly recommended for me and I'm glad I did it. Only con: I now have to floss with special pullers to get the floss under the wires to hit my gumline. Not a huge deal - you can get those pullers at any drug store.

    I also have a full top and bottom night retainer I'm supposed to wear forever...kinda like invisalign but thicker.
  8. I have the bonded retainer on my bottom teeth.
    it was annoying for a day or two after putting it cause it was something new but then you just don't feel it anymore.
    and plus it doesn't show ;)!
  9. I have the bonded on my top and bottom teeth. And at night, I wear essix retainer(it looks like invisalign) on my top teeth only, and it is visible from a close distance. I remember for the first few days, it was so hard getting used to the bonded, but those are the best way to go.
  10. i'd get bonded. i had one friend w. the essix and she hated having to take it out to talk normally and eat. i had the hawley and my teeth have shifted bc i'd forget to wear it. my other friend has the bonded and her teeth look as good as when she first got her braces off 10 years ago.
  11. I have bonded on both top and bottom teeth. I used to have the hawley kind and hated it because I couldn't speak correctly or eat, and it was obviously visible. I think it defeats the purpose of braces, if you're going to wear a wire over the front of your teeth. I had the removable retainer for about 4 or 5 years. When I went to college, I knew I wouldn't have the discipline to remember to put it in every night, so I got the bonded ones. I like it a lot and got used to it quickly. My only complaint is that the "glue" unsticks a lot and I have to go to the ortho to glue it back on.
  12. I have the hawley and the essix...i like the essix better...but do have to be responsible for using them every night...I'd say the permanant retainer...but how hard is it to floss???