>>>...please, help!...........request for LV trunk pics seen in movies!!!

  1. Hello,

    Please, help!

    I am requesting pics of Louis Vuitton trunks seen within movies. If anyone has pics and could post them or knows where I can find some, I would be most grateful!

    Thank you within advance for your help! I hope you all have a lovely weekend. best wishes. :flowers:
  2. This was my post in the LV sightings thread - I'm not sure if it's entirely real though!

  3. I saw the stage production of Evita last fall in London (Amazing). A series of LV trunks were used in one of the scenes and they were indeed authentic pieces. Louis Vuitton donated them as props to Andrew Lloyd Webber's Evita production as Eva Peron was very loyal to Vuitton in her final years.
  4. bump. why hasnt this received more posts?!!! :smile: im gonna do some search tomorrow
  5. the most recent spotting is Ang Lee's "Lust Caution". an Alzer and a Hat Box did a cameo. other movies i can think of at the moment is Catch Me If You Can, Richie Rich and De Lovely.