PLEASE help report this fake Carly!

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  1. I have reported it a couple times to eBay and still it sits there. I got one bidder to retract her bid because I told her it was fake but now someone else just came along and brought it back up to $100. GAG!!!!!!

    HELP!!!!! I don't want someone to pay for this bag! :sad:
  2. I just reported it :throwup:
  3. i did too
  4. Ewww. I reported it, too.
  5. I reported it 2x yesterday! I can't believe this stupid auction is still active!!
  6. I have reported it too and I will keep on reporting it untill it is taken off!
  7. reported :tup:
  8. reported
  9. reported
  10. Reported!!! I don't know why anyone would bid on it anyway...the bag is sloppy looking in the pics and handle is dirty.:sick:
  11. I reported it earlier as well, but it's still up there...
  12. I don't think the seller knows that the bag is a fake. A little sad.
  13. Reported!
  14. reported
  15. I reported it the other day & again just now. It seems like eBay is getting worse about pulling auctions, most of what I report stays up there. They'd rather make $$ from auction fees than actually get rid of fakes. Sad. :tdown:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.