Please HELP, report puppy being SOLD on ebay

  1. they aren't supposed to sell animals on eBay correct? so it's under the "Prohibitied items" to sell under eBay's terms??? honestly i've never seen an animal being sold on eBay so i'm sure this is supposed to be banned!!! stupid people. ugh
  2. Listing is already pulled.
  3. Good, I reported it just before it got pulled. That is sick. Poor puppy.
  4. Thanks God it was pulled!
  5. Now it concerns me what that "seller" will do with the puppy.
  6. Oh, thank God it was pulled. I only read the title of thid thread and was ready to report it!
  7. I am wondering the same thing. what will they do with they puppy now?
  8. Ebay china has a ton of puppymill pups listed that I've reported tons of times, but those remain up. Apparently it's ok there. I don't understand why ebay's policies that involved cruelty don't apply to all countries.
  9. i didn't see the listing - but it sounds terrible!
  10. People do this on craigslist too (also prohibited there). I saw an owner trying to get rid ofhis greyhound there and reported it. I don't understand these people.
  11. I wish I'd seen the listing...what sort of pup was it? BIN?
  12. How horrible >.<