Please help! Red wine on my Speedy :(

  1. I bought my first LV (Speedy 35) last week, and have already ruined it, I'm afraid. My arm was jostled in the bar of a restaurant earlier tonight, and a splash of red wine fell upon the zipper pull of my beloved Speedy! Can anyone please help and tell me what I can do about this? Can I clean the vachetta? Yikes!!!!!:cursing:
  2. If it was me...I would try oxyclean on the zipper pull fabric only, and very carefully. It took out red wine on white furniture..lots of it! As far as the vachetta, did red wine get on that? Maybe babywipes if it did. Good luck!
  3. ^You might try baby wipes on the vachetta, like savvyblonde said. Be careful with any cleaners avoiding the vachetta and carefully clean the zipper and fabric. Good luck!
  4. Maybe you could go over to your Louis store and ask them if they have cleaner.
    I've used Coach leather cleaner on my alma when I got pudding on it, and it looked brand new.

    But it wouldn't hurt to take it to LV and ask :smile:
  5. try baby wipes first...
  6. Your zipper pull can be replaced free of charge at the Boutique and they likely can do it while you wait (you may want to call ahead). I've had mine replaced, my SA took it in the backroom and came back with a brand new one on it - took less than 10 minutes.
  7. ^^Good to know!
  8. That's good to know!
    I have to write that down.
    Thanks so much for letting me know.
    I'm so accident worthy, that someday that might happen!:shrugs:
  9. When someone spilled red wine on the vachetta on my Coach bag I was able to remove it by carefully using a Mr Clean Magic Eraser (don't rub too hard!) Worth a shot if all else fails. :shrugs:
  10. Also I have sprinkled cornstarch onto the affected areas of stained bags (once grease on my BRAND NEW gucci hobo). Let it sit for awhile and then brush off. It will absorb the wine and then just brush off with a clean dry lint free cloth....good luck and let us know.....
  11. Ok....I got red wine out out of the vachetta of my speedy a while back with baby wipes! It really worked! Try it. Trust was all over the handles and it's gone now.

  12. Btw Michelle I LOVE your new avatar! You are beautiful!
  13. i think they only replace it free if it's new. i brought an older bag in that was missing the pull and they charged me 25 dollars for it.