Please help! Red Kooba Elisha...

  1. I just bought my FIRST Kooba the other day (a sienna) and am dying for another, of course! The one I cannot get out of my mind is the red Elisha, but since I JUST bought the sienna I cannot bring myself to pay retail for the elisha...especially when I know it is on sale somewhere out there (crossing fingers), or at least a coupon code of some sort?!? Please, oh please, if you know of any of those gorgeous red elisha's on sale/eBay/stores with codes/whatev please let me know!!
  2. I got mine from Active Endeavors, use APOLOGIES for 25% off.
  3. Thanks so much for the code! I don't think they have anymore red, though :sad:
    Anyone else know where the red elisha might be available??
  4. Are you still interested in a red elisha kooba? I just got one on eBay and it is georgeous. I was surprised to see another one recently.
    Hope this helps.