Please help recommend shoes for me

  1. Hi ladies. I'm in need of finding a pair of louboutins. I have been trying on a few pairs but either the toe box was too narrow for me or the heel too high or my heels slipped out the back. I have two pairs of número prives 120 mm and a horatio sling back also 120 mm. Except the número prives toe box has been killing me after just one hour of wear. The horatios toe box better but I would like to know if another style had a slightly wider toe box. I tried the décolleté today with 100 mm with no luck. Even though they were gorgeous! Please suggest what shoe I should try next. I can do 100-120 mm and I'd really like a pair of closed toe pumps this time. There's just too many styles I can't keep it straight and the stores here don't carry every model in my size so it's just really hard to find the perfect pair. Any help we be appreciated. Thanks!!!
  2. Try simples 100
  3. also have you tried heel pads to avoid heel slippage?
  4. I also suggest simples...they have the biggest toe box out of all my cl.
  5. Miss Boxe have the same toe as the Simple too. They are a wedge and come in 100mm and 120mm. I have heel slip in all my CL because of my narrow heel.
  6. Another vote for simple
  7. Thanks your help ladies! Sorry for the delay! I finally got my shoes and can't wait to do a reveal!
  8. SO I called some Louboutin Boutiques and asked if they would have the NEW SImples 100mm. Associates at all 3 stores I called were saying at first that they didn't have such a shoe! SO they looked it up in the computer and saw that yes indeed there was this shoe coming in anyday now in Jazz Calf Nude or Black. I put in an order for the Black ones and now I love them to pieces! I had to order a size 37 instead of a 37.5. I've put those heel Heavenly Heelz from Foot petals on and they don't slip out! I love them! The toe box is still a little bit snug but it should stretch. As for the height, it beats walking in 120mm with platform cause these babies are 100mm with platforms - like walking on 80 mm! I hope they keep making more of these NEW Simple 100's they sure are the best looking and best feeling CL's out there. ANd thanks everyone for helping me!
    In this picture it looks like I have a lot of space in the heel area, but with the heavenly heels padding it worked out.
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  9. Which boutique did you find them in? I wonder if Horatio or Madison has them...

    I love them! They look fabulous on you!
  10. Very nice. I just got these in black patent. Best shoe ever. Comfy, but still high heel.
  11. that is a shame that any associate working at a CL boutique would not know what the New Simple is.

    lovely shoe!
  12. Thank you! The Beverly hills boutique and miami one were the only ones that had them
    You can call any of the boutiques and they'd be able to tell you from the computer which stores have what. Make sure you say new simples 100 because they might think you are saying simples 100 or new simple 120 which have been out
  13. omg these are perfect! I've been debating proratas for a good staple work shoe but never bit the bullet because it just seems low I know this isn't much higher but I love the shape of the new simple and that extra 10mm might be just what I need! congrats!
  14. Yeah they are perfect for work and into the night. I looked at the proratas too but the heels are shorter