Please help recommend a Style/Color for my MOM!

  1. I got my mom her first Bbag 2 years ago… a Chocolat city. She loves it! I'm thinking about getting another one for her bday.

    She usually carries a lot of stuff in her bag, bottle water and all. She's pretty rough with her bag and doesn't baby it like I do. Thank god the chocolat color can withstand all the abuse.

    But... I'm not sure what to get her next. I know for sure the color's to be deep and not too crazy.

    I guess an ideal style would be classy, roomy, can be carried on the shoulder!

  2. Maybe a black Giant hobo with silver? Or Plombe? You said deep color but my Mom looks fabulous with her Mastic City and it goes with almost everything. It's dark enough that I don't think dirt is an issue if you keep it sprayed with Apple Guard. I have carried my Mastic Day off and on for over 2 months. Not a mark on it. I did spray it first with 2 coats of AG and repeated after a month. It's is breaking in wonderfully and it's already slouchy and soft.
  3. No woman should be without a black (or plomb) bag, perhaps a step (fits pretty much the same as city) would be nice? or if she wants to upgrade size-wise, a part-time with GSH?
  4. What about grenat if you can still find that color?
  5. I think a black or plomb step would be perfect!
  6. If you are ok with buying off the secondary market, an ink or black Purse would be a great choice. From this season, how about a black or plomb City or Work?
  7. Here, here! :tup:
  8. How about next season Style/color?

    Her bday is in January...
  9. Next season's colors that have been posted on here seem a bit bright (for me anyway) so it depends on what you are looking for. If you want a bit of color that stays in the neutral range, I would suggest looking at Pine/Vert Foret. It's a really loveley shade of green. I'm not sure how old your mom is, but I imagine my mom would look fab. Mastic is a good option as well.
  10. most of the colors for next season are pretty bright...
    i think something from now would fit her lifestyle better...

    i agree with the comments regarding black and steel, but vert fonce and pine would also be great choices...

    stylewise, i'd say stick to the city if she likes it...
    the day is another style that can hold alot and looks very chic...
  11. I was scanning through the colors in my head and a dark red popped up! I agree with 'L'- dark red would be nice!
  12. Maybe Sandstone from S/S 2007, it is also a gorgeous color. Or maybe Black or Red. It seems the S/S 2008 collections will have bright colors.
  13. definitely a black/plomb/naturel/mastic work!

    if she carries a lot of things in her bbag, a work is best. :smile:

    my mom has a chocolate work/black city, both RH and both jumped back on the bal bandwagon and purchased a SS07 white GGH work and got a ton of compliments on it. :smile: so for fall she picked up the plomb GSH part time.
  14. A Plomb Step or Day!
  15. Plomb? perhaps in step? i was thinking also to a violet (i'm totally in love with violet in this period so i see violet everywhere!!!) that is a stunning colour but yet dark as you need