Please help, really need advice regarding cat....

  1. Hi guys,

    My parents' cat is 11 years old. My father is out of the country for work and my mom is staying at our other home in another state. I thought she was planning to take the cat with her, but now she says she doesn't want to.

    Should I go back to California and bring her to live with me for 1+ years?

    - The house where the cat is currently living is very large, and it's where she's lived almost all her life
    - She would be alone there, but we have a person who would ensure she is fed, has water, etc.
    - I live in a very small apartment. My apartment is literally the size of the kitchen in the current house that cat is in. I also have a 1.5 year old male cat. I worry that they will not get along.

    The human part of me says, "It's better that she lives in a tiny apartment with another cat she hates (they've met and lived together and did not get along) than be alone in that big house."

    But maybe she would just be happier staying where she is: lots of space, etc.

    Please advise. I'm very sad about this. :sad:
  2. who will take care of the cat if she stays at the parents house?
  3. She can't stay there alone. I think she really needs to come live with you.
  4. We have someone come every other day to make sure the house is okay, plus that she has food, etc.
  5. I think its best you go get her. I would rather the cat stay with someone who will be there more than just to feed her if it were my kitty.
  6. I think you should go get the cat. A year is a long time to be alone most of the time.
  7. Go get her. It'll be easier for her to get used to your other cat since he's a male. Also, 11 is not that old. Some cats live till 20! :wtf:
  8. Oh no! She will be so lonely. I know being alone too much can send a person mad. I don't know if it's the same for cats but I'm sure she'll be sad all by herself.

    My sister has a cat who I call Satan. I hate that mean sack of mange. But I would take her in rather than let her stay alone for so long. Even tho I do hate her especially since she bit me. Sorry back to topic.
  9. have your cat live with you. it'll be very sad if you left it alone.
  10. If the cat is staying in the house alone... i would go get it... i would think it would be fairly depressing for a cat to constantly be alone. chances are it won't get along with your cat, but hey, you never know, after awhile they may be best friends. and he won't mind the tiny apartment. he'll still find his favorite places to sleep!
  11. It would be MUCH better for her to come and live with you. cats don't care about the size of their living space. They just want someone to love them. Staying alone in a big house is no life for her. Also, you might find these 2 cats will learn to get along. Sometimes it takes a while. They might at least accept each other if not actually like each other.
  12. Is the cat aloof or often go outside? Or is it more like a lapcat or very affectionate? Cats have different personalities and in general for pets it is best to make sure they are with someone and taken care of. If the cat is more aloof or goes outside, she may be ok in the house if someone comes in to feed and clean litter, and spend some time with her (many pet sitters even spend the night if you want them to). I don't know what the arrangements can be, but for an aloof that it could be ok. However if she is used to people being there then she would rather stay with you, even if it is a small space. You can find out the appropriate ways to introduce cats to each other and try again. Sometimes it just takes time.

    I have three cats, 2 male and one female. The first one is psychotic. No really! I never thought he could live with other cats, and although he isnt loving it, he is happier with them than alone (he won't admit it though). He doesn't "get along" with them and is scared and acts mad, but I've seen the change in him and he's better with them.

    Anyway, as mentioned earlier, she probably will be better off with you and I'm sure you can find a way to make sure they get along. Worst case could be you send her back to her own house? I hope you find a solution..
  13. Take the cat with you. She won't be happy in that house alone and without people she knows. Eventually, she will get along with your boy cat or they will find corners of your apartment away from each other. Cats don't really care about how much space their house has. All they really want is a human with a warm lap and a gentle hand. And, maybe a pillow.