Please help re: Lindy Pockets and wearing swiftly?

  1. I am leaning towards getting a Lindy in 30cm. Right now I am preferring the look of Swift leather in this bag. My question is, given Swift's softness and tendency to collapse, do you find that the outer pockets on the Lindy are sagging more so or do the Clemence Lindy's pockets wear about the same in slouch? I dislike when the pockets to get that stretched out look at the outer top that one sees with some bags that have outer pockets in a softer leather.

    Any advice or comments would be appreciated. Please let me know how the Clemence and Swift outer pockets are holding up if you use them for more than just a slim cell phone.
  2. OOO, great question gazoo. I'd love to know this as well. The lindy is fast becoming one of my favorite bags! Maybe a swift will be in my future...right now I only have one lonely clemence...
  3. Gazoo, I never use the outer pockets on any bag of any manufacture! It is just my quirk because I am convinced that they pocket will get out of shape if overstuffed. As to the softness of the leather, the one swift piece I have is the vermill GP and I really wore it last year and I didn't think it stretched at all. Now that is a bag with a silk lining, so I would expect a bag with a leather lining would do even better. Hope this helps :smile:
  4. I don't think the pockets will allow you to overstuff them as they are fairly narrow--wide enough for a cell phone, keys, tissue pack, ticket stubs, etc. but that's about all I can think of and all that I will put in there. I've worried about overstretching, but so far no issues, but as I said, I don't put anything bulky in the pockets, and mine is in Clemence.
  5. Thanks so much for the insights. I've been a bit put off by the idea of sagging pockets.