Please Help Quickly !! I Dont Know What To Do

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  1. My dog has found a tiny bird in the garden, only very young and very few feathers. I just dont know what to do with it. I put it back in my garden thinking its mother would come back but It didnt and now its raining so I had to bring it back in. Ive put it in the father base of a candle holder so it will be warmer. Can someone give me some advice please. Thanks :flowers:
  2. [​IMG]
  3. I'm afraid I don't think you'll keep it alive yourself.You could see if the local RSPCA would take it in or any bird sanctuary nearby. It does look very young. Good luck.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I have used the RSPCA before and usually they take 3-5 days to come and pick up something. Last time it was a ferret. :sad:
  5. Got any bird sanctuaries nearby you can call for quick advice? Or maybe call the local vet's office?
  6. yes Im going to look in the yellow pages now. I dont have any near me and I think they will be closed on sundays but I will check just in case and if not, then I will call tomorrow. :flowers:
  7. It has just died :crybaby:
  8. Awww... that's sad.....

    You did a good thing, he didn't die alone. :flowers:
  9. Oh, Socialite, that's a pity... but from the pic the birdie looked really very young. In the place where I work, in this season we find birds fallen from their nests all the time. When they are this young, it is almost impossible to keep them alive. When they are a little older, i.e. they are still a little "round" in shape but have already almost all their feathers, the chances to make them survive are more. A colleague of mine is specialised in bird rescuing. When we find them, we put them in a cardboard box, and then first thing she feeds them a special food mix for young birds (basically a thingo that she processes with water to form a sort of cookie dough) that she puts in their beak keeping the whole bird firmly in her hand. Knowing that emergencies happen all the time now in spring, she always keeps a small amount of this food with her - especially at the office. Then the bird must drink some drops of water - I think the main danger for them is to die of dehydration) and then she puts them back in the box. This every two hours. Then as soon as she can - but sometimes a day or two later, because she is very busy - we bring them to a bird shelter, and they continue from then on. In this way we have rescued dozens of birdies, but many also succumbed either from the shock of the fall or because they were too young. None the less, you probably did the best you could do. It is really very difficult to keep them alive...
  10. this is so nice what you do. I love helping animals too. Its so sad that it died :flowers:
  11. Ahhh! I'm sorry it died but you did all you could.
  12. Aww I'm sorry it died. :sad: but it was really sweet of you to care for it and try and save it.
  13. Aww, it was very sweet of you to try to help it, you did all you could. My dad grew up on a farm and used to raise chickens, ducks, and pidgeons, so he is very familiar with bird care. We used to rescue little baby birds from the yard and even with his experience with birds, wild baby birds are almost impossible to keep alive. Really, we've been trying ever since I can remember and I think we managed to nurse one back to health, and it was a baby duck whose mom got hit by a car. We actually tried to raise the whole brood of wild ducks and only one survived. I even went to talk to a professor about how to keep a little sparrow I found alive back in college, and he just told me it was going to die. He was right, unfortunately. There's just not much you can do, but it's important that you tried.
  14. Socialite--you did a wonderful thing in rescuing the baby bird.

    It is a shame that it passed away, but it spent its last time on earth being loved and cared for by someone as sweet as you :smile:
  15. Thankyou so much for you're lovely words ladies. They mean alot to me. :flowers: