PLEASE HELP! Questions about Tarnishing / Pitting on PALLADIUM HW...

  1. Hi ladies!
    i was wondering if anyone has had problems with the palladium hardware on their bags tarnishing? Please share your experiences, if this has happened to your bag!

    I'm a bit puzzled as to how this could happen, since i was under the belief that palladium is supposed to be a "tarnish-free" metal?

    here's a picture of what is supposed to be "tarnished" palladium hardware:

    also, does anyone know if Hermes is able to fix these types of problems?

    thanks so much in advance! :flowers:
  2. Wow, I'm surprised to see that! Did you leave the plastic on the hardware for a long time?

    Perhaps Hermes can replace the hardware on the bag? Hope you can get it fixed :flowers:
  3. You should bring that to your local Hermes Boutique to see whether this is normal tear & wear... :wtf:

    Maybe they will offer to fix it for you. Good luck! ;)
  4. not looking pretty at fact, hermes should replace it for free, who'd want to pay for such an expensive bag knowing the hardware turns out looking like that? anyways, i was under the impression hermes hardware is tarnish free, kind of like rodium plated where it will never turn dark....or have it peeling!! i hope u get it fixed......good luck
  5. nightshade, please, what is the history of this piece? I mean, have you been carrying it often and this just happened? Or has it been stored and you just took it out to wear?
  6. Whoa!!! I have PH on my Evelyne, and it looks just like it did when I got it last fall.

    Your photo almost looks like the plastic is still on the hardware... are you sure it's off?
  7. The only time I have seen this kind of pitting before was unfortunately when builders in our home used a solvent to clean floor tiles and didn't ventilate the space properly. Every bit of metal in the room - handles on furniture, gold decoration on china, and in the bathroom, chrome legs on the washbasin was affected by the fumes. I had to change handles, rechrome etc. Could your bag have been exposed to something similar? I noticed it immediately on the 'authenticate this bag' thread. I would certainly send this bag to H for replacement of hardware.
  8. nightshade, I'm with j'adore on this--palladium is relatively tarnish-free UNLESS it is the in presence of certain chemicals....I did some research on this awhile ago--from

    "Palladium is chemically attacked by sulfuric, nitric and hydrochloric acid in which it dissolves slowly. This metal also does not react with oxygen at normal temperatures (and thus does not tarnish in air). It lightly tarnishes in moist atmosphere containing sulfur."
  9. nightshade, palladium hardware is not tarnish free. I have see this sort of tarnish even on brand new Bearns! Not in the same extent but the tarnish was on the edge of the hardware. In fact, I just saw a brand new Bearn last Friday with a tarnished hardware. It was a display piece in the showcase, so it's properly something that it's been exposed to that caused the tarnish.

    The good thing is that H craftsman can replace the hardware for less than USD100.
  10. Oh dear, that definitely looks scary. Take it back to the store immediately.
  11. I agree with everyone ~ take it to the store.
  12. hi everyone, thanks so much for all the input! :smile: you ladies have been such a big help!

    this picture is actually from a bag that i'm thinking of buying-- but from the looks and sounds of things, Hermes can probably only replace the hardware, and not get rid of the tarnishing/pitting! if i do end up getting the bag, i'll definitely have to send it to the nearest H store to get that sorted out.

    incidentally, the bag is an F stamped bag, which makes it a couple of years old (5-6 yrs?).

    thanks again everyone!
  13. I have the same problem on one of my bags. Just one of the straps though. Can't figure out why. I have been ignoring it for now but maybe I should take it to the store and see what they say.
  14. Since this does not seem to be normal tarnish on the Palladium, but caused by external influences, the replacement of the affected hardware pieces will probably be done to your expenses, nightshade.

    I wonder if the leather on this bag has been exposed to this as well...
    are there any further pics that would indicate that?
  15. FYI, I went through researching this very recently. I was told Hermes will try and clean it by whatever means they use when it comes in for a refurbishment. If it can't be done then they determine whether this happened through usage/abuse or just defective. (I may not be using the right verbage here, but I think you know what I mean) If they feel it is a defective product or not due to your contributing efforts etc., Hermes will replace all hardware free of charge.

    I was told this does not happen often, but that it does happen on their palladium hardware from time to time. The SA's have seen some cases of it here and there. So, just know that it can be fixed and in the long run, you may get it for free because it is definitely not something that you would have done to the bag.