Please help - purse 911 issue....

  1. I think somehow I got a HUGE color transfer (about the size of an orange) on my white clemence Victoria...
    I am devasted....
    Any white Hermes owners...please please please can you tell me if the spa refurbishing will get my bag white again? -the stain is not very dark *but its totally there*....and its not a pen mark for sure....
    I can't get any pictures posted because I'm not even home (travelling) and hence...I can't even run to my local H to ask my SA for advice...
    Sniff sniff...

    Thanks for listening....:heart:
  2. Oh Yorelica - poor you.

    Are you near any H store? Because that would be my first stop.

    Otherwise I'd call my SA and ask what's best.

    If I were desperate I might try a baby wipe (but test in a tiny part first).
  3. get a brand new (clean) eraser --preferably a suede at the edge of the mark very lightly to see what happens...................if it doesnt work take it to Hermes. i had a similar problem-----------got it all off
  4. [​IMG]

    And here's a drink! Because I'd need one if this happened to me :sad:
  5. yorelica -- i've heard that because of the way it's colored white can be completely refurbished, but it has to go to paris.
  6. oooh..thanks sooooooooo much girls!!!

    i feel a little better now...I was sooo bummed....
    Well..I tried "tide to go" ...soap and water... because its color transfer (big botch) not a pen mark...I didn't want to scrub any harder in case I started ripping the leather off...

    i hope Paris can save my pursey!
  7. it'll be fine altho it'll take some time since the bag will be shipped off to paris for any white H bag!
  8. :yes: and if it were me, I would leave it alone. You will miss it for awhile but it will be good to know that it will come back good as new.:tup:
  9. so sad to hear about this yorelica...I'm sure it'll be okay...sending good vibes your way :flowers:

    patz - I love your new avatar! your baby's so cute!!! :girlsigh:
  10. Don't do anything dramatic, i.e. using chemical, soap, or detergent. It may cause chemical reaction with the stain and cause permanent damage to the leather.

    Leave the stain alone. Bring the bag to the H store as soon as you return from your trip and H in Paris will take care of it.
  11. So sorry to hear this, but at least it seems the knowledgeable ladies here think it will be made like new by Hermes.
  12. Yorelica, Aww! Hugs. The best thing would be to go to Hermes and let them send your bag to Paris. :smile:
  13. try not to worry about it, and send it to paris where they will "repaint" the white to brand new again.
  14. I think that's really good advice. They should know what to do at the store, even if they do have to send it to Paris. So sad! I feel bad for you, hon!
  15. please do keep us posted, it is good to learn what happens in a case like this.... so sorry this happened...what was the situation that caused the transfer, do you know?