please help!!! preowned soho backpack OR new bloomsbury pm???

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  1. hi,

    this is my first post in LV forum as i'm contemplating on my FIRST LV purchase. :biggrin: background, i'm in my thirties and have a 4 month old baby ... so, i need a versatile and durable bag for fall/ winter. (my spring/ summer bag has been goyard st. louis).

    i feel torn between a preowned soho backpack (i know, backpacks are so 90s but i heard that they're making a comeback :P) and a new bloomsbury.

    what i like the about the backpack is the price (~$300), more spacious, and it's a bag i wanted LONG time ago but wasn't able to afford back then.

    what i like about bloomsbury is that it's hip and i feel like i can use it for a long time. of course, i can get both of them but i wonder if getting my first and second LV in damier is a bit too boring.

    i don't know. please share any thoughts and insights as i'm new to LV. :yahoo: thanks!
  2. I like the Soho backpack but I wonder how convenient it would be to use compared to a messenger bag like the Bloomsbury? But if you really love it and have wanted it for a really long time, I'd get the Soho first then Bloomsbury later on. There is something really chic about it and I'm sure you will be different as the Bloomsbury is becoming too common already.