Please help pick placement for PIRATA CAMPEGGIO!

  1. I just saw these 3 Campeggios in Pirata at Bloomies yesteday.
    I wanted to buy one, but WHICH ONE??:confused1:

    PS. Sorry about the blurry pics. I took them with my phone cam at the store.
    Please click to enlarge.







  2. I like #3.
  3. i like #1
  4. I'm no help - I like #2!
  5. Hmm, I like 3 the best, but I'm not the biggest fan of Pirata...:/ So I'm probably no help. XD
  6. #1 looks good but I don't like the girl on the left flap

    #2 looks good also but those two girls w/ the parrots are on there too much!

    #3 is the best IMO even tho heads are cut off you have a lot of little characters!
  7. I like number 2
  8. So #1 is out of the question, I think.

    #2 is great, but has the girl with the blue parrot on there WAY TOO MANY times!

    So I guess I'm left with #3??
  9. # 2 for me !
  10. # 2 for me too!! :love:
  11. 3!!
  12. I like # 3