Please help pick my next bag...


Please help me decide what bag to get next...

  1. azure speedy 30

  2. batignolles vertical

  3. red epi speedy 25

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  1. I was all set on getting the azur speedy 30 come April and now having cold feet(see poll, azur's staying power).

    I was on the bv path originally because I don't have a shoulder bag in my collection. The LV bags I currently have are the damier speedy 30 and mono speedy 30 and the damier baby papillon. My only other bag is also hand held a novacheck burberry wilsham.

    Here is a picture of my collection to get an idea of what you think I need most.
  2. since you have so many speedy and you dont have a shoulder bag...I vote for BV :yes:
  3. I'd get a bh, since you don't have a shoulder bag yet.
  4. Oops, I meant bv!
  5. Bv!
  6. I agree... you def. need af shoulder bag, and the BV is a great choice :supacool:
  7. I love the azur!
  8. I'd go with the shoulder bag...I have the BV and love it!
  9. I like the azur.
  10. Hi Speedy!!!!! I really like the azur, mainly because I don't use shoulder bags much.

    Sidebar-still love the lola. She is actually DH's favorite bag,"You picked a winner there"
  11. I'd get the azur :smile:
  12. I would get the BV. Out of all of them its definitly the most classic!
  13. I'd get the BV, so you have a shoulder bag as well ... you can always get more speedies later on :nuts:
  14. BV :yes:
  15. Although I love Azur, if you need a shoulder bag, go for the BV