Please help...phoebe problem

  1. Hi, I have spent two days trying to solve this problem, is there someone who can help?
    I have seen a chocolate Mulberry Phoebe on a said auction site. The seller is the REAL DEAL, very trustworthy :0) But she bought the bag from the U.S.A secondhand, and has never had reason to doubt if its genuine. But she has never had it authenticated.There is a serial number on it and it looks lovely..But PLEASE, how do I find out if its the real thing or a fake??
    Thank you in advance for any help you could give,
  2. Post pictures on our 'authenticate this' thread and ladies on here should be able to help.
  3. Hi Jo,
    Thank you: But can I do that as it will give sellers ID etc?:s
  4. Post it and we'll check it out for you. I've a Phoebe so will compare it to mine.
  5. yes