Please help: Pelouse or Paille for a 30 Matte Lindy


Which combo is best for a matte croc lindy?

  1. 30 Matte Pelouse Lindy

  2. 30 Matte Paille Lindy

  3. 30 Matte Lindy, but other colours

  4. Don't settle, keep searching for a 34 Matte Lindy

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  1. Since I failed to score a 34 croc lindy, I settle for a 30, but colour wise, which one should I go for? Pelouse or Paille?

    Dear Tpfers, I need you valuable opinions again, Many thanks!

  2. I voted Pelouse because it's a lovely shade of green and hard to find as well. Good luck!
  3. I was told by my sd that croc lindy is only produced in a 30cm

  4. pelouse. no question
  5. i love any green in H and matte croc
  6. thanks for you vote!

    Not sure if the 34 croc is still available but I came across a 26 blue matte in HK store Last month, too small for my frame...
  7. Pelouse for sure! It's such a beautiful green.
    I've only seen croc in 30 or 26.
  8. I know i know, pelouse is a great green shade, but matte croc in light colors highlight the exotic texture and make the scales even more beautifully...I am torn....

  9. I have been drooling over Diamond's havanne 34 for a long long time, not lucky enough to hunt one. :graucho:
  10. That is true, and you have to love it. Can you see them side by side? I don't know why, but I feel the lighter color is more dressy (if that makes sense) and this is a casual bag, no?
  11. Yes you are correct. What i meant is that the 30cm is the largest. Ther is also a 26cm size now availabe
  12. Pelouse!!! :biggrin:

  13. ^OH MY!!!! Love pelouse!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Pelouse, by all means !
  15. My vote too