Please help!! Peep toes not allowed!


Mar 3, 2008
Hello fellow TPFers!!
I just got a new job at a financial institution as an analyst...Super excited! Just had orientation last week, and was informed that peep toes are not part of the dress code and cannot be worn!:cursing::cursing:!

So far, my boss seems to be very reasonable, but I hate breaking the rules, and I don't want to get her in trouble by not following the dress code!! I feel like I'm in HS again!!!

I need some advice, since I'll be spending most of my time at work, I think I'm gonna have to cancel some of my pre-orders as well as return some pairs that I already own but haven't worn!! I don't want to return them, but I need work shoes!! I know that I'm not going to get to wear my peep toes very often, is it reasonable to keep them? should I exchange them for closed toe shoes? or keep them, and gradually acquire some more work shoes?!?! I'm soooo torn!! Please check out my signature and give me some advice!!!!!

I def want to keep my black patent VP (they are coming i july anyways), but don't know what to do about the Burma VP, Leopard Patent NP, Pink Patent NP, beige sued cutouts (forgot the name)! Any replacement suggestions (readily available, not HTF please)?

BTW, the Burma VP and the Leopard NP are still brand new!!

Thanks to all!! Hope to hear from you soon to make the decision before monday!!


PS: sorry for the long post!


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Jul 6, 2007
Well, the bruges are great and the new simple pump. You could also look for decolletes, rolandos and pigalles. This is in addition to "regular" simple pumps. I would keep the peep toes that you really love the most as you do have nights/weekends and even possibly the office holiday party when you can wear them.


Jun 3, 2007
From your pics it looks like you already have a few closed toe?

If it were me I'd find it very hard to cancel or return shoes that I love. I think I'd rather keep my CL peeps and if I couldn't afford to buy a bunch of new closed toe CLs, maybe go for a couple of non-CL closed toe to wear in addition to the closed toes you already have.

For me part of the Louboutin 'wow factor' is the super sexy shoes, which includes peep toes. I'd rather have VP/NP than Simple pumps.:yes:


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Jan 11, 2008
Well, the bruges are great and the new simple pump. You could also look for decolletes, rolandos and pigalles. This is in addition to "regular" simple pumps. I would keep the peep toes that you really love the most as you do have nights/weekends and even possibly the office holiday party when you can wear them.
Could also look at the black leather declic 120 - very understated but the heel gives it drama - and I also like the black patent loafer that NM have at the moment for the office :yes:


Feb 14, 2007
Miami, FL
I agree with babypie. Just by some non CL closed toe shoes, so you can keep your lovely collection. Trust me you will regret getting rid of the ones you love.


Jan 27, 2006
Alberta, Canada
I agree that you should not cancel too many orders--you have a life outside of work, and you may regret it later if you still want the peep toes, and you cannot find them. You have some gorgeous shoes coming, by the way!

There are closed toe CLs that are still really beautiful. I found these on the NM website, for example:


Or what about some platform Simples? They should still be available.
Nov 11, 2006
Washington, D.C.
I'm in love with simple pumps, but if you don't like those, I agree with everyone else - keep what you're getting and just buy some non-CL, less expensive closed toed shoes for work. I run the gamut at work. I wear my CLs and Choos some days, and if it's raining but I need to wear black shoes and can't get by with my Burberry rain boots, I wear my payless "leather" flats (These things last forever. I spilled coffee on mine in the car and the non-covered portion of my foot got a 2nd degree burn. Yet the payless shoes survived a-ok.)


Oct 8, 2007
Where do you live? Only asking because when you can wear tights or opaque hose and then the peep is not too noticable with the balck VP's. Other wise I agree with the others. The My sling is nice and since it is a sling you will have a little breathing room.


Feb 4, 2007
horatio is a nice comfy one to invest in... I would keep the ones I love though because there will be weekends and nights out!


Aug 26, 2007
San Francisco, CA
I wouldn't worry about selling off your collection. You still have the weekends and nights to wear your open-toed CL shoes!

As you're new to the company, I would not mess with the dress code and breaking it so soon. If they mentioned it at orientation, then it's obviously something that they really take seriously and you don't want to be fired during any sort of probation period because of something like the dress code...or worse yet, sent home to get another pair of shoes. I have seen companies that sent people home who did not follow the dress code!

Get some closed-toed shoes and wear those for the first several months at the job to get a feel for what they're like there. If you don't notice anyone else breaking the rules (that of course isn't a VP) then it's probably not safe for you to whip out the open-toed shoes. If there are a variety of people there of all levels in the company breaking the code, then slowly start doing that yourself...plain and simple is that you don't want to be the only one doing that. Since they told you at orientation, then the company knows you were informed of the rule!

Play it safe until you get a feel for what goes on there.


Mar 3, 2008
Ronsdiva: I looove the bruges, super comfy!!
Babypie: I’m def having a hard time cancelling the orders :sad:, I already have closed toe shoes (tod’s, chanel, Gucci, etc), but right now I’m kind of obsessed w/ CL, I’m sure you guys kwim. Like I said, I’m def keeping my black patent NP and leopard sevillanas.
Chins4: also have the declis in black kid, I wish they had them in more colors, besides nude and htf eb!
Gem & edrine: that’s why I’m hesitating cancelling the orders!!
Snowwhite: I’m going to order platform simples, I’m going to try a metallic one
Compulsivepurse: I like the simple pumps, but haven’t had any luck finding a pair that I’m crazy about in my size
Cjy & noegirl05: I’m in fl, so no tights for me :sad:, I might trade the pink patent NP for the horatios @ barneys also in pink
Blackbird: you are dead on! They do send people home! So far I haven’t seen anybody breaking the dress code, except for a girl that got hired at the same time as me!

I'm going to order new simples and horatio slings online, but I won't cancel my orders until I'm sure that I reeeaaaally like the new simples and horatios.
Like always, thanks to all for you help and lovely suggestions!
I'll keep you posted :okay: