Please help! Paypal fraud chargeback!!

  1. Someone did a chargeback for the money they sent me, what do I do? I shipped the item and I'm scared! I'm not sure how to discuss the situation with paypal since I can't find a link within my account. They didn't even send me an email or anything. Who should I talk to, what should I do? I'm so nervous.. this was a big payment! The buyer isn't responding, so I've sent a money request.
  2. OMG! Call Paypal immediately
  3. Did u send to a confirmed address with a tracking number and signed delivery confirmation?

    Call PP immediately, their number is listed at the website. Log in, and click contact us then select contact by phone.
  4. What form did they send the money in via Paypal? It wasn't Instant Cash?
  5. Please tell me you got that $$ out of the paypal accunt and safely into your bank before shipping the item...
  6. any news? i, too, am very worried. hope you were able to get your money.
  7. omg I'm nervous and upset for you

    Let us know what happens?
  8. This happened to me too. I ended up losing $800.
    I never got my money back. I hate Paypal!!!
  9. yes and thats why I hate paypal too....

    please let us know if you are okay....and got your money....
  10. OMG!

    Please keep us updated on what happens! I sell stuff on eBay too and things like this worry me alot! I REALLY hope all works out!
  11. Make sure you have everything with you: Delivery confirmation that showed the item has been delivered. Contact the buyer may be she/he mistaken you with other seller, Contact paypal immediatelly, call them.
  12. You can recall the item IMMEDIATELY

    Call the Post Office!
  13. I always thought paypal was so safe - I am stunned that this could happen - please advise us and don't give up till you get your money or your item.
  14. I am SO scared of PayPal! They claim that we can trust them but we really can't!!!! I ALWAYS transfer the money from PP to my banking account and wait till it goes through before shipping the item.

    I am sorry that happened to you! PP and get your money back! Hope everything turns out ok!

    The same exact thing happened to me. In Sept 2005 I sold 2 Louis Vuitton purses, 1 Gucci purse and a Louis Vuitton cosmetic pouch...all AUTHENTIC.

    The buyer and I had exchanged quite a few emails before the auction was over. I emailed her additional pictures and video taken w/my digital camera. When she won the auction she stated she didn't want insurance. She also asked for my telephone number because I had stated that the sale was final.

    I informed her that I would send the items w/Signature Confirmation. She received the items at the end of that same month. She never left me feedback nor did I leave her any. Now I had a funny feeling about the transaction because she asked all questions under one username but purchased the items under another. Done or so I thought. :amuse:

    This lady had the nerve to file a chargeback against me in Feb 2006. She stated I misrepresented my items. I called Paypal over and over asking if they got all the email correspondence I fowarded between us because I had kept it all.

    I emailed her and told her that I fowarded all email correspondence and pictures/videos between us. Two days later she cancelled the chargeback.

    At this point I'm thinking: Great I won, she probably thought I didn't keep copies of anything. :amuse:

    Two months go by and in April I get an email from Paypal saying that they were taking the money out of my account. Boy did I lose it. :mad: They told me I didn't qualify for the Seller Protection Policy because she claimed that I "misrepresented" the items. I told them that they should take the money out of her account too because she never informed me or returned any of the items. I told them that I was scared that she would try to replace my authentic items with fakes. I also told them that she had sold all the items I sold her w/in 2 months of receiving the items.

    I kept calling and calling for 5 days but no one at Paypal would help me. Then I received a call from a Paypal supervisor who had monitored one of the calls I placed. She told me she called this lady and questioned her about the transaction. The buyer told her that she filed the chargeback because she never received the items. LIE - I had the signature confirmation to prove it. The Paypal supervisor then asked her that if that was in fact the case, why did she state the items were misrepresented in the chargeback claim.

    Well the Paypal supervisor stayed on the line w/the buyer and made her credit me the funds taken by the credit card company.

    It was a horrible experience, and I'm so very sorry that it has happened to you. Hopefully you have copies of all correspondence between you two.

    Don't give up. Keep calling and hopefully you'll speak to someone who is being monitored by a supervisor.

    The bad thing about the chargeback is that the credit card comany the buyer used to purchase the item always sides w/their client. These chargebacks wouldn't be happening if Paypal would stop letting people use their credit cards to pay for ebay auction wins. What they should do is let the buyer add funds to their Paypal account via their credit card then the buyer can pay out of their balance.

    This lady knew exactly what she was doing by waiting so long, notleaving me feedback and waiting for me to waste my money.